62 Beliefs that Limit Your Happiness and Success

What beliefs are blocking your happiness?

Your behavior is a reflection of your beliefs.   In fact, you’ve developed many lifelong patterns based on your rock-solid beliefs that certain things are true while other things are untrue. Your beliefs aren’t necessarily congruent with universal truths or facts.    Your beliefs are about YOUR truths … truths that you will act from … truths … [Read more...]

25 Quotes that Will Inspire You to Stop Worrying Your Life Away

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Worrying has always fascinated me.  Why do we do it?  What purpose does it serve?   When we realize it’s so bad for us, why don’t we give it up? To get some perspective on the subject, I've been researching advice about worry ... or rather how not to worry ... from some of the greatest  thought leaders of all time.  Okay, you caught me.  Some of … [Read more...]

15 Quotes From the Best Graduation Speeches Ever

Timeless advice from the best graduation speeches of all time

Can you remember your graduation?  I remember mine.   Do you remember the commencement address?   I must confess, I'm a little foggier there. The year was 1983 and I sat in a hot church in Columbia, Missouri listening to award-winning journalist and best-selling author, Linda Ellerbee give the commencement address to my Journalism School’s … [Read more...]

The Lesson of the Telescope and the Microscope

How are you seeing your life?

How are you looking at your life?   Are you making the big stuff a priority in your life?   Or does the small stuff get all your time and attention? Through the lens of the telescope, we easily see large things that are far off in the distance.   They’re actually huge, but through the telescope they appear small to us. Through the … [Read more...]

Dealing with Adversity: The Upside

The gift of adversity

I hate to admit this, I really do, but here it is:  I've learned more in states of adversity than I've learned in times of smooth sailing. Why do I hate to admit this? Because I’m human.  I like smooth sailing. I love it when I feel like I’m on top of the world and things just keep getting better and better. Adversity is hard.   It challenges … [Read more...]

10 People Who Can Help You Improve Your Life … Dramatically!

The Art of Teaching

Have you ever read a book, had a teacher, or heard someone speak who changed your life? I have. In fact, it seems that every time I am struggling with something and I am open to new ideas, the right teacher “magically” arrives in my life at the perfect time. Over the years, these mentors have made an enormous difference in my ability … [Read more...]

What Are You Willing to Do to Be Happier?

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You want to be happy.  You're dreaming of being happy.  With your whole body and soul, you yearn to find happiness ... true lasting happiness ... the happiness that you know deep down in your heart has the potential to set you free. Yet, when you're put to the test of what you're willing to do to be happier, you throw up one objection after the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Participate in the Unfolding of Miracles in Your Life

Are you ready for a miracle?

Are you ready for a miracle?  Ready as you can be?   I was introduced to Patti LaBelle’s rendition of the song  Are You Ready for a Miracle?  when it was included in the soundtrack for the movie Leap of Faith  (and oldie but a goodie staring Steven Martin.). I wonder if there’s anyone on the planet who hasn’t either prayed for or hoped for a … [Read more...]

How to Feel the Presence of Love in Your Life More Deeply

“Feel the presence of love. Take it in, live it, give it and do it with soul” -HeySoul

  Love is what life is all about – both the giving and receiving of it.  I believe this to be true, yet I’m more than a bit embarrassed to say that sometimes I put this concept aside to handle my daily “to do” list.    Let’s face it … work projects come with deadlines … I get busy. There are things to do, errands to run, places to go, … [Read more...]

Do You Sometimes Feel Powerless? You Need to Do This …

Claim Your Personal Power

When you think of the word “power,”  what images come to mind for you? I have to admit, I used to associate power with a whole lot of negatives.  I pictured out-of-control characters like the one Kevin Spacey plays on House of Cards or other unscrupulous practices, like the greed-driven actions on Wall Street that nearly caused the financial … [Read more...]

Feeling Totally Lost? Overthinking Could Be the Culprit.

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Life doesn’t always make sense.  It just doesn’t.  And frankly, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to such a ridiculous degree that my entire body yearns to scream “C’mon already – this is ridiculous!” I mean, I’ve been following a whole herd of personal growth gurus and life strategy experts and spiritual know-it-alls for what seems like … [Read more...]

How Do You Let Go?

Letting Go

When you’re holding something in your hand that you don’t want to hold anymore, what do you do?   You let it go. If it’s a hot pan that’s burning your hand, you let go quickly.  You drop it and don’t care where it lands as long as it is away from you and not near anyone else, either.  To keep holding it would be absurd;  You don’t hold on to … [Read more...]

When Your Life Feels Like a Mess, It’s Time to Go Within

divine wisdom soul

Have you ever thought to yourself, “My life is an absolute mess … and I have no idea how to fix it”? Perhaps you’re encountering a virtual stew of problems, that may include financial struggles, relationship problems, career confusion, health and wellness issues, or a general lack of clarity about the direction and purpose of your life  (and … [Read more...]

When You Truly Accept Yourself, Your Life Just Works Better

All I have to do today is be myself -- because I am more than good enough.

There’s nothing wrong with you.     Let me repeat that statement one more time so you can take it in more fully:      There’s nothing wrong with you.   How does that concept make you feel?  Maybe it filled you with a sense of relief … it affirmed that you’re okay and that made you feel better. Or, maybe your mind flat-out rejected the idea, … [Read more...]