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Welcome! I'm So Glad You're Here.

Hi!  I’m J. Marie and I’m the founder of the Believe and Create website.  “Believe and Create” stands for believe in yourself and create a happy life you love.  I’ve found that many people aren’t doing either, and in my little way, I hope to plant seeds to change that.

What Believe and Create Can Do For You

In 2013, I launched this blog with the intention of delivering inspirational and action-focused content that motivates you to create the vision and adopt the mindset and habits to live a confident, happy life (because, who doesn’t want to be happier, right?!). Now, more than a decade later, you’ll find hundreds of resources on B&C, all focused on helping you build the life you’ve always imagined. (One thought at a time; one habit at a time; one day at a time!)

Whatever Brought You Here Today, You’ve Found B&C for a Reason

Trust your gut; you were guided to this site for a reason and that means there is something important here for you, even if you’re not sure what that is just yet. So take some time to explore the site, join B&C on your favorite social networks, and sign up for BC’s Happy, Confident Life weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on the latest ideas we share.  

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