21 FREE Personal Growth Courses that Can Change Your Life

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The path to personal growth ALWAYS involves learning.   So, if you want to improve any aspect of your life, a good place to start is with personal growth and self-development courses.

Oh sure, you could sit back and do it the hard way through messy trial-and-error learning, which often doesn’t yield the results you want. Or, you can step up and look at what you want in your life and seek out teachers and mentors to help point you in the direction of your dreams.

Personal Growth and Self-Development Courses:  Learn Life-Changing Skills Online for Free!

Take a moment and think about what you’d like to change about your life.  Maybe you’d like to be more confident.  Or happier.  Or more productive.   Maybe you’d like to find your dream job.  Or have more inner peace.   Or maybe you’d like to change your mindset so that you are more positive more often.

Whatever you want, it won’t just happen by wishing.  It requires learning and ACTION on your part.

That’s why participating in self-growth, personal growth and self-improvement programs is so important; it’s the ideal way to keep growing as a person, which is key to enjoying your life fully!


You’re Not Reading This by Accident.  These Personal Growth Courses Are Showing Up Now for a Reason.

When the student is ready, the master appears.  – Buddhist Proverb

Below is a list of 10 courses that are all free. Don’t be surprised if you see something here that hits home for you. You see, the very fact that you’re on this page reading this post means you were meant to find this list.   So, if you hear something calling out to you, trust your intuition.

1.  Seven Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

Learn the science of charisma. Increase your impact, influence, and income using 7 science-based steps.  This Udemy course is taught by Venessa Van Edwards. More than 280,000 students have enrolled and the course has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

2.  Believe in Yourself More Fully:  A 5-Day Self-Discovery Program  

Boost your confidence and self-worth, learn how to uncover self-limiting beliefs, and practice building your newfound confidence in your life.  This course by Believe and Create is one of the easiest ways to build your confidence. We’ve had more than 5,000 people enroll in this course. Right now, it’s being offered for free.  The standard price is $79.


believe in yourself - confidence course 5-day free

3.  A Mini-Course on Achieving Your Dreams

Use specific strategies from the world’s smartest people to make measurable progress toward your goals. This course from Brandon Hakim of the Insider School has a 4.6 out of 5-stars rating on Udemy.com

4.  How to Become Successful in Every Aspect of Your Life

LinkedIn expert Rebecca Vertucci teaches this course on how to be a savvy job seeker by thinking like an employer.  More than 20,000 students have enrolled in this free program. 

5.  Find Your Dream Job

Be a savvy job seeker by thinking like an employer. (Learn from a LinkedIn expert.)

6.  Developing New Habits – Elmininating and Changing Old Habits

This course from Noah Merriby and Mayez El Merhbi shows you how to create the lifestyle you want by taking charge of your habits.

7.  Meditation for Everyone:  Calm, Balance, and Peace

In this three-hour program, course creator Brian Hyman offers free guided meditations for mindfulness, healing, and transformation. 

8.  How to Stop Worrying & Reduce Stress Mini-Course

This premium course from Believe and Create is based on the Worry Begone Challenge that thousands have participated in since 2015. This course offers 7 lessons designed to be taken one a day for a week.  You’ll feel lighter and happier and less stressed after learning to kick your worry habit.


How to Stop Worrying & Reduce Stress a 7-day mini-course



9.  Goal Setting the SMART Way and Enjoy the Life of Your Dreams

Turn your dreams into reality by following the step-by-step SMART goal process.  Learn everything in about an hour.

10.  How to Change Your Thinking & Become More Positive

Quick inspirational video tips to shift your perceptions so that you can live the life you deserve.

11.  The Positive Approach:  Free 30-Lesson Course to Help You Manifest Your Potential

This free course is intended to help you become more clear about your own identity, what you want in life – your life vision – and how to manifest your full potential. 

positive approach free course


12.  A Mini-Course on Time Management

More than 200,000 have enrolled in this program that teaches the seven steps you can use immediately to become more productive and manage your time more wisely.

13.  How to Speak to Anyone and Be Fearless

More than 135,000 people have enrolled in this course from Ricardo Mendoza. In this free program, you’ll learn how to connect with strangers, ace job interviews, and even be more comfortable on dates.

14.  Tips to Help You Live a Better Life and Achieve Success

This 55-minute course from Edwin Diaz discusses the tools you need to forge your destiny and how to attract the things you want into your life. 

15.  Happiness Psychology: 5 Proven Tips

More than 55,000 have enrolled in this short course from Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.  In this program, you’ll learn how to find opportunities to boost your happiness, learn what is most important for living a fulfilled life, and implement simple changes in your everyday life that will reap future rewards.

16.  Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Do you hate to speak in public?  You’re not alone. Yet, learning how to overcome that fear and anxiety can open up new doors in your life.  This short course offers practical tips that help you conquer your public speaking fear.

17.  How to Change Your Thinking and Become More Positive

The objective of this popular course on Udemy is to help you create an attitude mind shift within yourself.  In this two-hour on-demand video program, your instructor – Wolfgang Riebe – offers practical tips to shift your perceptions so you can live the positive, happy life you deserve.

18.  Everyday Mindfulness

Learn what mindfulness is and how you benefit from developing your own mindfulness practice.  This popular short course from Jim Dawson offers simple exercises that will help you start living more mindfully right away.  

19.  Make Your Ideas Happen:  8 Proven Steps for Taking Action

Your instructor, Steve Garguilo, teaches you the repeatable Action Surge process for taking action.  You’ll learn how to become more action-oriented in everything you do.  More than 11,000 people have enrolled in this 4.6-stars out of 5 stars course.

20.  Social Confidence for Introverts

This 90-minute course from T.J. Guttormsen helps you enhance your social skills in every situation.  You’ll learn how to fully understand the introverted mind, rid yourself of self-critical thinking, and how to initiate meaningful and interesting conversations with anyone. Nearly 15,000 people have taken this 4.7-star-rated program.

21.  How to Change Any Self-Limiting Believe in 30 Minutes

Taught by Eric John Campbell and David Papa, this program teaches you how to identify a self-limiting belief and replace it with a new belief that supports your life and your dreams.  More than 17,000 have enrolled in this 50-minute Udemy course.


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