27 Mantras on Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Confidence, and Success

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You’ve asked for help you in your quest to be happier, more confident, more successful, and find more love in your life.  Your wish is our command.  So, we’re back with more mantras on happiness, confidence, and more.

Here are 27 mantras that we originally posted on Facebook throughout this year that seemed to be favorites of the Believe and Create community.  I hope you’ll find some treasures here that speak to your current needs, desires, and intentions.

Remember –  every significant change you want to make in your life begins by changing the vibration of your thinking.    If you want to be happier, you need to focus on thoughts that lift you up.   If you want to be more confident, you have to speak to yourself as if you are already strong and confident.  And, if you want to experience more love in your life, you need to keep loving thoughts in your heart and mind every day.

I hope these mantras help you along your path to manifesting the transformations you long for in your life.

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27 More Mantras on Happiness, Confidence, and Success …

Mantra #1

The time to be who I came here to be is now.

Mantra #2

I allow my fears to speak so they might quickly fade away; I nevertake them into my heart.

Mantra #3

As I cultivate positive habits, my lie grows more and more beautiful

Mantra #4

I am comfortable in my own skin

Mantra #5

I am determined and disciplined. When I set my mind to something, anything is possible

Mantra #6

Mantra #7

Mantra #8

I say yes to meeting new people and pursuing new experiences. Life is an epic adventure and I'm a brave adventurer.

Mantra #9

I refuse to scare myself with my thoughts

Mantra #10

All I need comes to me when I need it

Mantra #11

I release what no longer serves me so that I am free to receive what I need today.

Mantra #12

My day is made brighter with every chance I get to bring light to another's day

Mantra #13

I focus on what matters and allow all that does not to fall away

Mantra #14

Gentleness is a sign of strength. I choose to be gentle with myself and others.

Mantra #15

My life is what I choose to make it. I choose to make it awesome

Mantra #16

I am in charge of my mind.

Mantra #17

I carry peace, joy, and love in my heart always.

Mantra #18

I accept and love me for who I am. I accept and love otehrs for who they are

Mantra #19

The right time to pursue my dreams is always right now .

Mantra #20

When I speak to myself,I choose loving, kind words.

Mantra #21

My thoughts are loving, my words are loving, my actions are loving

Mantra #22

The wisdom within me offers guidance at all times. I need only to listen.

Mantra #23

Worrying is toxic. I choose faith and positive action instead.

Mantra #24

Mantra #25

Persistence and resiliences moves mountains. I am persistent. I am resilient.

Mantra #26

Patience may take practice, but it leads to great things

Mantra #27

Small stesp help me manifest great things

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