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You Deserve to Live a Happy, Fulfilling Life!

You are here to live a big, bold, juicy life where you experience bucketloads of love, joy, beauty, adventure, and abundance.

You are here to give your special gifts to the world … gifts that only you can give. You’re here to live a confident, whole-hearted life of deep meaning and true fulfillment. You’re here to have caring and supportive relationships in your life. You’re here to enjoy your life, not dread it.

If you’re like many people,  you’re not living that full-hearted, happy life right now and you want to change that. That’s where I was not that long ago, and I decided it was time for a radical change.  And once I did, I couldn’t wait to share what I learned with others so they, too, could make the life-transforming shift I made.


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What Believe and Create Stands For: Our Core Values and Beliefs

The name Believe and Create is short for “believe in yourself and create a happy life you love.”  Below are 22 tenets (our core beliefs and values) that I wrote that more fully explain what B&C stands for. I hope that these ideas will inspire you … make you think … challenge you to raise the vibration of your life wherever it is low … and make you recommit to living a life you truly love.  

22 Values and Beliefs that Lead to a Happier, More Fulfilling Life!

  1. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from; YOU matter. You matter a LOT!
  2. You deserve to live an extraordinary, wonderful life … filled with love, peace, happiness, and abundance in its many forms. And it’s up to you to create that life for yourself.
  3. You have special gifts to bring to the world. It’s your sacred duty to do so.
  4. What others say about you does not matter. What you believe about yourself does.
  5. Loving yourself isn’t optional, and you can’t be half-hearted about it. You have to go all in.
  6. Your thoughts are creating your life. Keep the frequency high … and dare to dream BIG dreams.
  7. Challenges are not meant to break you. They are there help you rise higher.
  8. The law of the harvest is real. Plant healthy seeds in the right soil and nurture them with great care, then in good time, the harvest you reap will astound you.
  9. Life is beautiful. It is not meant to be merely endured, it is meant to be savored.
  10. You get to choose whether you place your faith in scarcity or abundance (and abundance is a LOT more than money!). Your choice will determine what you experience.
  11. We are ALL here to be blessed and to bless others.
  12. You are a spiritual being here are earth for a short while. Your soul is eternal.
  13. You must nurture yourself body, mind, and soul. When one is unattended, your life gets out of balance, and you will suffer.
  14. No one accomplishes anything significant alone. We are interdependent. We need each other.
  15. Gratitude begets more to be grateful for.
  16. Peace on the outside cannot happen until there is peace on the inside.
  17. You are being guided, but you must listen. Pay attention. Your intuition is speaking to you; seek its wisdom in silence.
  18. Time is precious. Do not waste it; give it the reverence it deserves.
  19. Growth comes from taking responsibility and then taking action.
  20. Sometimes you need to do that, which scares the pants off you.
  21. What you seek is seeking you. You were given your dreams for a reason; believe in yourself and believe in your dreams.
  22. Now is the time to enjoy this wonderful ride called life! Love your life where you are right here, right now. After all, now is the only time you can enjoy your life … everything else is just memories from the past or anticipation of a future that is promised to no one.
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It's Up to You to Create the Happy, Successful, Fulfilling Life you Want. We Are Here to Help You on Your Transformation Journey

I’ve always thought the word “transformation”  was such a beautiful word, but as a concept it’s a little scary to apply to life.  It’s not always easy to give up what you’ve known for the hope of a more beautiful yet unknown future.

I wonder if caterpillars realize they are born to become butterflies.  If they understand that by entering the cocoon, they’ll soon gain the gift of flight and beauty, I imagine they gladly agree to the transition process. If they don’t, the transition would be a total leap of faith.

I guess in either case, butterflies really don’t have a choice … transition is in their DNA.   The butterfly’s path to undergo radical change in their lifetimes is predetermined before they are born.Perhaps that’s true for us humans, too.  

Long before I imagined Believe and Create, I was stuck in a pretty dark place and  didn’t have a clear vision of what to do to change my life.  All I knew was that I wanted to shout from the rooftops “there has to be more people – stop accepting a mediocre life!”  I believe that inner urge to belt that message out revealed one piece of my life’s mission: I had a deep desire to not only wake up, but to encourage others who are enduring the unrelenting pain of an uninspired, unfulfilled life to wake up, too.

From birth to death, we’re all on a journey and as long as we can breath, there will be joys and challenges along the way. Yet, ultimately we each are the navigators of your own life journeys; anytime we are stuck in a place we don’t want to be, we can decide to change our direction.  

The information, tools and resources shared on Believe and Create can help you not only reach your goals, but have more joy and fulfillment on your journey.  

J marie novak founder of believe and create
J.Marie Novak (No makeup, filters or photo mainpulation; just the real me hanging out in a park in Sedona on a very sunny day)

Hi! I'm J. Marie Novak, Creator of Believe and Create

I’m J. Marie and in my small way, I hope to use Believe and Create as a forum to plant seeds of inspiration that might help others to believe in themselves and create the lives they were meant to live.

Life can be hard. It can be confusing. It can be overwhelming. I’ve found that somewhere along the road, many of us begin to lose faith in ourselves. We doubt what’s possible. We put self-imposed limits on our lives, then we wonder how we got so far off the path of what we once dreamed of achieving.

My message to all … no matter how old or how young … no matter where you are or what resources you have at your disposal … is that if you are still on this earth and are able to draw breath, you are here for a reason. You are a special person with unique talents and gifts that were given only to you.

I urge you – don’t let your dreams die. And, if you believe they have, know that there’s still a spark within you, there are still embers burning within that you can flame to resurrect your hopes or create new dreams for your life.

Here’s My Story:  Who I Am and Why I Launched Believe and Create

Wayne Dyer called it “The Shift” … that point in your life where you make a decision that you can no longer go on living your life the way you’ve been living it.  That point where the vain demands of the ego pale in comparison to the deep longing of the soul.

On the surface, my life wasn’t bad.   It was highly unbalanced, yet there were blessings.   I had a high-paying job in a corner office.  Sure, at times it was in a pressure-cooker atmosphere fraught with the political game-playing that I imagine is common in a lot of workplaces. Yet, it had its benefits too, of which financial security topped the list.

I was in that job for 22 years, and much of that time I was in the right place at the right time.   Yet, something was happening.  With each passing year I was becoming more and more discontent …more and more aware that there was something else I should be doing with my life.

I was one of those single women who’d poured her whole life into her career … partly out of choice and partly because I really didn’t have the confidence in myself to do anything else.   I felt like work was the only thing I was ever any good at.   I feared uncertainty.  I feared change.

The days at the office began getting harder and harder to bear.  Each day was like trying to squeeze into a size 4 dress when you’re a size 20 … my life just didn’t fit.  

I felt unsettled.  Drained of energy.  A cog in a wheel.  I knew something was missing, something very, very important.  I was sick and tired of living an uninspired life.

Time was ticking away;  the clock seemed to be spinning faster than ever.  I felt like I was on a moving sidewalk being rushed through life in a semi-conscious state.  I knew if I didn’t do something to wake up, I’d soon arrive at the end of my life only to regret that I had not truly lived the full breadth and depth of what was possible.

I was sad.  I was restless.  I was depressed, deeply depressed. And I was sick and tired of living that way.

I wanted to wake up feeling alive and fulfilled by life.  On my knees, I cried from the depths of my soul for something to change, and the message came back loud and clear:

YOU have to be the one who steps up to make a change.  Divine grace and guidance are here for you, but you must be brave enough to step forward to receive it.

That meant facing my fears.

That meant letting go of my financial security.

That meant leaping into the unknown.

Perhaps most importantly, that meant believing in myself and in the strength of Divine love to carry me wherever my life was meant to go.

Thus began my season of massive transformation … my “shift” that Dyer spoke about.

From Humble Beginnings to a Growing Community More than 160,000 Strong

In the fall of 2012 I began a Facebook page called the “Believe and Create Community,” and in early 2013 the website was launched.   

Why was I leaning in this direction?  As corny as it sounds, I felt a calling … a calling to wake others up just as I’d been poked and prodded to wake up.

I felt a calling to bring like-minded people together where they could be supported, encouraged, and loved … and where they could offer that same support, encouragement, and love back to one another.  A true community where everyone is committed to living big lives with open hearts … where each member of the community is committed to heeding their soul’s longing. the believe and create community

I can’t say that I’m crystal clear on what my full purpose is, much less how to give you a step-by-step plan for finding yours.  (And on the super-practical side, my financial safety net is gone … I’m walking this stage of my journey in pure faith.)  Yet, as I get closer and closer to understanding what I’ve been put on this earth to do, I recognize two big truths about my life:

1.  I must believe in myself. This is true for you, too.

 You cannot live your life to its fullest if you’re not willing to bet on yourself!

2.  I must take responsibility for creating the life I was born to live. You must do the same.

My life is not some random accident, neither is yours.

We were given talents and the gifts of our life’s experiences for a reason. We are each here to shine our light in this world, and we must own that sacred responsibility.

We are each responsible for creating the wonderful life we were born to live.  None of us were born to merely work, eat, pay bills, endure hardships, then die.   That’s no way to live!

Your life is meant to be fabulous … filled with love, joy, peace, harmony, beauty, grace, fun, freedom, and abundance in all its magnificent forms.  That doesn’t mean life is a cakewalk … challenges have their place, which is to help us learn and grow.

Life comes with loss, that’s guaranteed.  In fact, the one thing we know with each birth is that one day there will be death.  

When you’re young, you think you have forever, but you don’t.   As I age, I realize how quickly life flies by. Each day of your life is precious, and there really is no time to waste.

Many people never even come close to realizing their full potential; the traps and snares and distractions of life get in their way.  But you, you’re different.  You seek the light that brought you here … you want to be that light for others.   That’s what I want, too.

Wake up dear one, wake up! It's time to wake up to all the possibilities of your life

Won’t you join me and Believe and Create?   Hang out with us on Facebook (where you’ll be joined by more than 160,000 others!) …  get involved with our pins on Pinterest …  share our blog posts …  join our email list so you can stay up on what’s going on.

As the B&C movement unfolds, there will be more and more opportunities to gather and share and discuss our hopes and dreams with each other, as well as envision practical ways to see those hopes and dreams realized.  But the step required right now is simply this: 

Commit to believing in yourself and creating the amazing life you were put on this magnificent earth to live!

Every act of radical transformation starts with the willingness to say “yes” to change.  

So, say “yes” to going after what you really want.  Say “yes” to living your best life.  I urge you to say YES to yourself today and every day!

Your friend in soulful, whole-hearted living,

~ J. Marie Novak, Founder of Believe And Create

P.S. The name “J. Marie” is actually a tribute to my parents – John and Marie, who passed on more than 25 years ago, dying too soon in my opinion.    My name is Janette Marie … but I wanted to bring the loving presence of both of my parents to this work I’m doing. They weren’t perfect people and their journey on this earth was not without pain or problems. Yet, their spirit is still within me, and that is why I choose to pay tribute to their lives by leading B&C in their honor as J. Marie.

This Site Is Strictly for Informational Purposes

I do my very best to ensure the accuracy and relevance of all content found on this site. However, no one’s perfect.  So please consider the materials you find here informational and hopefully, inspirational.

I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist – I claim no special skills or degrees in counseling or ministry. I don’t espouse any specific religion or dogma on this site. If you need help from a health professional or ministry, I urge you to seek qualified professional help or seek spiritual guidance elsewhere.

What I am … who I am … is a real-life person just like you, with real-life challenges, real doubts and real dreams. I’m a traveler on this journey, and if you’re reading this, I believe our paths have crossed for a reason. We can learn from each other. After all, that’s what life’s all about … reaching out to others … offering kindness … sharing our gifts and the love we were given.



If you are experiencing significant pain, including thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please seek professional help immediately. In the U.S., text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at #988 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) (24/7).

5 thoughts on “Get to Know Us”

  1. I am so glad I took the time to read this email today. I’m excited to be a part of this community. I follow you on Facebook daily. And I pray for your cousin Billy. I look forward to sharing more of my journey soon.

  2. I came across your website by chance while googling for something inspirational to read, but now I firmly believe it was for a very good reason. I am experiencing this feeling of being useless and that my life is a mess. It’s perhaps got to do with my recent job loss ( as a part of a corporate redundancy) and despite several attempts I haven’t been successful in securing another one. My pattern of life has just taken a complete jolt, sleeping, eating patterns gone all haywire. I just feel that awful feeling of being low at all times and uninspired with my life . An awful fear that I’m incapable of doing anything with my life now. I realized that this was bad and want so badly to get out of this phase I’m in and therefore was looking for something to inspire me . And then , I came across your beautiful website. It’s like the One Above answered my prayer in some way and showed me a way out of my darkness. I look forward to reading your website and being a part of the the B&C community. Thank you

    • Gils … I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough patch right now. Unemployment and all the stuff that goes along with it can certainly shake a person to their core. I’m glad you found inspiration here … and I hope you do keep coming back for more … and I hope you keep seeking positive messages in many places to help you navigate the rough waters you’re in right now. Believe it or not, this season of your life holds gifts for you, too … even if it doesn’t feel like it. And just as winter always turns to spring in the seasons, the same will happen in your life. Wishing you peace and love along your journey. Take GOOD care of yourself right now; you’re worth it! – J. Marie

  3. i believe i came across this website for a reason, too. i have just read your story. there are similarities in our journey. i also gave up the financial security of a high-paying job. i stayed there for 21 years. when one of our senior officers offered me another job, after much deliberation i joined him. unfortunately, the new job had a different kind of risk, there were integrity issues, and because we both (the guy who got me) came from a clean straight company, we felt our characters were at stake, we were uncomfortable the whole time we were there. the very sad thing was, we got laid-off.
    now, i’m looking for a job and i’m having a real hard time finding one. it seems the universe is against me. the only thing that keeps me going these days is i really pray hard. i just don’t hope, i know and believe this will all end and a grand divine plan is waiting for me. my faith is the strength i hold on to.
    i thank you for sharing your story. i wish you well. take care and God bless.

    • Sometimes you just have to take a leap which you hope is for the better only to find yourself in a place you don’t want to be. It doesn’t make sense going forward, but I, too, believe that a Divine plan is at hand and if you keep walking in faith, the steps of your journey will in time make more sense. I believe this for me and for you. Thank YOU for sharing YOUR story here. You are strong. You are capable. And the road ahead does indeed hold many great things for you. Sending love and prayers for blessings your way, – J. Marie


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