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Do you have a message that you want to share, but haven’t figured out how to get it into the world yet? 

Do you enjoy the overall vibe on Believe and Create (B&C) and feel your message is compatible with what we’re trying to create here?

Why not consider writing for the B&C  blog.  We’re interested in receiving blog article submissions that fall under the following broad categories:

  • Personal Growth
  • Building Confidence (must have a very unique angle — no general confidence articles accepted)
  • Career Happiness and Success
  • Finding and Living Your Purpose
  • Soulful Living and Everyday Spirituality
  • Loving Yourself … Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
  • Improving Relationships
  • Self-Help and Self-Development
  • Life Hacks for Living Better
  • Creating Happiness, Joy, and Peace in Your Life
  • Handling Change and Difficult Times
  • Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Worry
  • Self-Discipline and Forming Great Habits (and Ditching Habits that Don’t Serve Us)
  • Optimistic Thinking
  • Thoughtful Living
  • Transformation and Transition
  • Mindfulness
  • And … we’re open to other ideas, too.  You’re welcome to suggest something else.


The work you submit needs to be original.    By submitting it, you agree that the work was written by you and you have full rights to submit it.   Also, the work cannot have been published online anywhere (we’ve got a tool to help us check for that).     And, yes, this means if we publish your post here, you cannot publish the exact same post on your site or anywhere else.   You can advertise your B&C post on your site, though, linking your audience to the B&C link for your post.   In fact, we encourage you to put a link on your website and social media … we want the world to see your message!


The ideal length is 1,000 to 2,000 words.  We don’t accept submissions under 1,000 words. We sometimes accept work up to 3000 words when it is clear to us that there was a reason for the work to be more in-depth.

Internal links:  For SEO reasons, you must link to at least 3 other Believeandcreate.com articles within your post.  (This proves to Google that your post is relevant to other content on the B&C site).

External links: You cannot link to your blog, website, or social channels within the blog post.  You can add those in your bio.  When additional explanation is helpful, you can link to other authoritative websites within your post that are not self-promotional in any way.

THINK SEO (search engine optimization) 

In writing your post, it is important to think SEO, after all, you want your work seen by as many people as possible.   Because of this, when you submit your post, also submit the 2-5 word keyword phrase that you are trying to optimize for.   That exact phrase should be in your post title, one sub-headline, and in one of the first two paragraphs of your post.   Do not over-use the phrase … that’s called keyword stuffing, and for Google, it’s a no-no.


Submit your ORIGINAL work to us along with a short bio (and bio picture of yourself if you’d like) about yourself.   Bio length:  Less than 175 words.  Feel free to include links to your website and public social media access points.  You CAN put up to 3 links to unpaid or paid products advertised on your site (you cannot direct to affiliate links) or giveaways/lead magnets in your bio.


This is an unpaid gig.   You will receive no financial compensation for your work.  Yet, the payback to you can be great.  First, this is a forum for getting your message into the world on a site that already has regular website visitors every day.  Also, all posts we publish are also promoted on our Facebook community page that has over 174,000 fans.    Your work will also be featured in the Believe and Create newsletter.

On the page where your post appears, we’ll happily provide links back to your website so people can learn more about you and what you offer … so it’s a potential business-building opportunity for you.

While we ask that you do not use material that has been previously submitted elsewhere (or that you intend to post elsewhere in the future), you can place a link on your website or your page to the Believe And Create page that features your post, to make sure your followers see your work on Believe and Create.


Your post needs to provide value to our readers.  It cannot be a shameless advertisement for your product or service.  You CAN mention your products and services in the bio section of your post … in fact … we encourage that, as we want to help you help as many people improve their lives as possible.  You will earn a do-follow backlink for your post.

Also, once again I can’t emphasize this enough:  Only submit original work that has not been published elsewhere.  We will check, so don’t even bother trying to send something that’s already been posted.


By submitting the work to us, you agree that Believe and Create can edit the work in any way we feel necessary.    In general, if we feel the work needs a lot of editing, we won’t accept it in the first place.  Most editing is done for SEO reasons and/or for clarity or to fix grammar or misspellings.  We also reserve the right to re-title the submission, as the title is vital to attracting readership, and we’ve been at this a long time so we know title strategies that work well with our audience.


Submit your work via email to janettenovak@BelieveAndCreate.com  with the word

SUBMISSON in the subject line.  Just attach your work inside the email you submit.  


We have a fair amount of submissions coming in. We try to get back to everyone who submits within 7 days of receiving their work to let them know whether the work has been accepted and, if it has, when it will be scheduled to appear.

Given that we are limited on staff to do this review process, it sometimes takes up to 14 days to get back to you.   If you haven’t heard anything from us within 14 days, re-contact us at jmarie@believeandcreate.com because there might have been a problem with either receiving your work or with the email response.


Submit your questions to janettenovak@believeandcreate.com with the word “GUEST BLOGGING QUESTION” in the subject line.

4 thoughts on “Write for Us”

  1. I’m so passionate about writing, and even more-so, I’m passionate about caring for yourself! I’d be so happy to work with your site, and write for your self-care category. I believe I’m right for this position because I’ve dealt with depression, anxiety, addiction, and abuse—all at 16, 17, and 18 years old. I’ve conquered so much, and I want to be able to help those who are looking for a sign that it will all be all right. I found your site through looking for writing jobs that I think would be right for me. I’m a freelance writer in the beginning stages, hoping someone will take me on to write for them; and prove to employers and myself that I’m capable of making life a little bit sweeter. Thank you for your consideration!

    • Kaitlyn — Thank you for your interest in blogging for Believe and Create. We do not have paid positions for writers, but as you’ve read here, you can submit guest posts to get exposure for your work, your website, and get your message in front of our large community. All guest posts are unpaid. If you want to contribute as a guest blogger, simply follow the directions outlined on this page. Thank you for your interest in Believe and Create.

  2. I found your website to be incredible. I believe I have some valuable words helping people to see and want to “Stand in our best light” I thoroughly enjoyed the article “Feeling stuck….” I know this to be True…

    • Bebe — I’m glad you enjoyed the site. It sounds like you might want to consider submitting an entry for the blog on “Stand in our best light” — be sure to check out our “WRITE FOR US” page to learn about the submission process. Thanks so much for your kind words and your support of the Believe and Create site! – J. Marie


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