29 Affirmations for Overcoming Self-Doubt

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Many of us go through times in our lives where self-doubt and low confidence impact our ability to move forward to create the life we want. If you’re suffering from self-doubt right now, it’s helpful to change your inner dialogue.  You want to move from self-criticism to self-encouragement and self-appreciation.  I’ve created a list of affirmations for self-doubt that can help you build that nurturing, helpful, positive inner dialogue that will move you from doubt to confidence.

You Deserve to Feel Good About Yourself

If you’ve developed the habit of being self-critical, it’s probably because you were exposed to an environment where harsh criticism was the norm.  Perhaps your parents were exceptionally hard on you, or hard on themselves, and you picked up the self-doubt habit at every young age.  Critical teachers, bosses, friends, and even life partners can also fuel your self-doubt habit. 

It really doesn’t matter why you are stuck in self-critical self-talk, what matters is that you stop being so hard on yourself and start giving yourself ample doses of love and kindness now. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and that will come from practicing self-compassion rather than steeping your mind in self-doubt day in and day out.

Studies show that there are several benefits to self-affirmation. Positive affirmations practiced regularly can help you reduce your feelings of self-doubt.  The affirmations we’ve created here, when practiced over time, will help you elevate your sense of self-worth and boost your self-confidence.

How Do Affirmations Work?

An affirmation is a statement or declaration that you want to be true.  When you practice affirmations regularly,  you embed the thought into your subconscious mind.

Repeated affirmations can lead to positive effects on brain activity and increased self-confidence levels.

Affirmations can help because when we say an affirmative statement out loud (preferably dozens of times throughout the day), our body and mind start believing what we’re saying, which eventually allows us to overcome the negative feelings that have prevented us from living our lives confidently. 

How Long Does It Take for these Affirmations for Overcoming Self-Doubt to Work?

Affirmations work by getting your subconscious mind to agree to you consciously speaking the desired affirmation. If the affirmation is something that your subconscious agrees with, then the affirmation will produce positive results quickly. On the other hand, if this isn’t the case — i.e., if you’ve been struggling with self-doubt for a long time — then the affirmations may take a while to take hold.

It’s hard to put a time frame on the affirmation process, because every individual is different. Most people will experience some relief in their negative thoughts after about three weeks of continual use.

Overcoming self-doubt affirmations list
For best results, repeat affirmations several times a day for at least three weeks

Overcome Self-Doubt with These 29 Confidence-Building Affirmations

1.  I am strong.

2.  I am confident.

3.  I believe in myself.

4.  I am capable.

5.  I am worthy.

6.  I am creative.

7.  I am a great problem-solver.

8.  I am a master at coming up with good ideas.

10. I release all thoughts of self-doubt and embrace confidence now. 

11. I am good enough.

12. I make great decisions with ease.

13.  I feel good about myself and my decisions.

14.  I have what it takes to be extremely successful.

15.  I love spending time with myself and others love spending time with me, too.

16.  I’m a positive and proactive person.

17.  I deserve to live a joy-filled, successful life.

18.  I really truly love myself.

19.  I accomplish what I set out to do.

20.  I release the habit of comparing myself with others.

21.  As I shift my mindset to positivity, my life opens up in beautiful ways.

22.  I’ve got this.

23.  I can do hard things.

24.  I am equipped to overcome any challenge that may arise.

25.  I always believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

26.  I choose to feel positive and strong.

27.  When I talk to myself, I am uplifting and encouraging.

28.  I’ve already accomplished a lot, which is proof I can accomplish much more.

29.  I release thoughts of self-doubt and embrace my magnificence.

Printable Overcoming Self-Doubt Affirmations

I accomplish what I set out to do affirmation
Printable Overcoming Self-Doubt Affirmation
I am worthy affirmation
Printable Overcoming Self-Doubt Affirmation
i believe in myself affirmation
Printable Overcoming Self-Doubt Affirmation
i make decisions with ease affirmation
Printable Overcoming Self-Doubt Affirmation
I can do hard things affirmation
Printable Overcoming Self-Doubt Affirmation
affirmation on i've accomplished a lot already
Printable Overcoming Self-Doubt Affirmation

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