35 Affirmations for Shifting Perspective & Changing Your Life

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We all have moments when we feel stuck, when we know we’re ready to shift gears but we don’t necessarily know how or what to do. Maybe it’s a moment of self-doubt, feeling dissatisfied, wishing for greater meaning and fulfillment, or just knowing that it’s time to shift our lives in some way.  That’s when affirmations can help manifest the change or shifts we desire, even if we’re not exactly clear what needs to change.

Affirmations for shifting are positive statements you make to yourself that will help shift your perspective and change how you see the world around you. Sometimes this is as simple as changing one word from “I can’t” to “I can.” Sometimes, your affirmations need to be more specific and talk about what you want to shift in your life.

You may feel like you’re at a crossroads and it can be difficult to see what the best path forward is. We all need reminders that we are on a journey and this blog post offers some affirmations to help you move in the direction that leads to your highest path. When you find yourself feeling stuck and out of control, give these affirmations for shifting a try.

Powerful and Positive Affirmations for Shifting

The Shift doesn’t mean that we lose our drive and ambition; it signifies that we become ambitious about something new. We make a commitment to living a life based on experiencing meaning and feeling purposeful, rather than never-ending demands and false promises that are the trademark of the ego’s agenda.

1.  As I shift my focus to possibilities, new opportunities emerge.

2.  I effortlessly shift my mind away from worry and embrace hope instead.

3.  With simple habit shifts, I transform my life in positive ways.

4.  I shift away from the commands of my ego and towards the guidance of my inner wisdom.

5.  I have the ability to shift; I can change anything I want to change about my life.

6.  I shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, and as I do, I experience more abundance than I ever dreamed possible.

7.  I shift away from thoughts of lack and open my mind to new opportunities everywhere I look.

8.  I can shift whenever I want.

9.  Shifting my life is easy; it is safe to change and go after what I want in life.

10.  I’m shift from  negative to positive as easily as I take each breath.

11.  I am protected and guided every step along my path of change.

12.  I choose to shift my life to experience more joy and fulfillment.

13.  Changing my life starts with simple everyday shifts that lift my spirits and elevate my attitude.

14.  I shift my perspective from pessimism to optimism and I’m far happier for making this shift.

15.  I am confident in my ability to shift my life in positive ways.

16. I am worthy of a life of beauty, abundance, peace, and success.

17.  I create my new happier reality by shifting my thoughts in positive directions.

18. I choose happiness and positivity.

19. My self-talk is caring and encouraging; I talk to myself with great love.

20. I’m changing my life with every positive thought and habit I form.


Daily Affirmations for Shifting Anything in Your Life

21. As I develop loving, quality relationships, my life shifts in positive ways.

22. As I shift from “I can’t” to I can,” I find I’m more successful every day.

23.  I embrace a growth mindset.

24. As I shift from a sedentary lifestyle to one that’s more active, I have more energy and enthusiasm for my life.

25. As I shift from focusing on lack to focusing on abundance, my life becomes richer in every way.

26.  I live happily and effortlessly; my life is beautiful

27. With each positive step I take, no matter how small, I find I’m more productive and successful.

28. Shifting away from negativity and towards positivity is the best decision I’ve every made.

29.  I choose to love myself and that choice transforms my life.

30. My thoughts are not my master; I am the master of my thoughts.

31. Life provides for all my needs; divine timing is always perfect.

32. It is safe to try new things; my higher self knows the way.

33.  I shift from self-doubt to self-confidence and my life expands in glorious ways.

34.  As I change my perspective in life, my life changes for the better.

35.  It’s safe to change my life; I know I’ll be supported in ways I can’t even imagine just yet.

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