49 Calming Mantras for Anxiety & Stress

Today more than ever people need a way to soothe the worry that comes from living in uncertain times.  When there’s little you can do to change your outer world, it’s important that you do everything you can to calm your inner world. These 49 calming mantras for anxiety and stress offer real relief.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. – Viktor Frankl

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What Is a Mantra?

calming mantras to reduce stress anxiety worry fear and doubtA mantra is a word, statement, or phrase repeated frequently to help rewire — or rather remind —  the mind what is true. Mantras help interrupt the negative rantings of the monkey brain that, when left unchecked, can spiral downward in thoughts of worry, stress, and anxiety.   

Mantras don’t have a magical power to create new conditions simply because they are spoken frequently —  though repetition is key.  Instead, they work gently over time, helping you release untrue and unhelpful thoughts with true,  life-elevating thoughts.   Mantras work so well because they help you change your focus, and when you focus on positive instead of dwelling in darkness, your life gets better.  In fact, it gets a lot better.

These mantras for anxiety and stress that I’m about to introduce you to remind you of what your higher self already knows:  all is well, even if that’s not always clear to the “logical” mind.

How Often Should I Recite a Mantra?

The short answer to how often you should recite a mantra is as many times as you need to for its lessons to take hold and soothe your worried, anxious mind.  Let me add some context to that answer, though.

In his book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It, Kamal Ravikant  repeats the mantra “I love myself” thousands of times a day, for weeks on end. (This is a book I wholeheartedly recommend, by the way). The simple mantra repeated with heart and deep feeling transformed his life in miraculous ways.  

Kamal went from being stuck in a deep state of purposelessness, and hopelessness, to being a man who loved himself and his life dearly. He says his entire life changed because of his newfound sense of self-love.

When I was at one of my lowest parts of my life, I was inspired by Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life to start repeating the mantra “all is well.” These three simple words helped me restore calm and peace in my life when turbulence was all around me and deep within me, too.

By the way, I didn’t really believe the words “all is well” at first, but over time I let its simple message move from my mind to my heart.  You see, there’s always something deep within you that actually knows the way but we don’t always listen to that inner wisdom. When I was stuck in worry and anxiety, I certainly wasn’t listening to my higher self.  

Mantras help you hear the truth, which is that despite all evidence to the contrary, life really is beautiful and there is no need to cling to worrisome and stressful thoughts that lead to anxiety. When you learn to let go of thinking patterns that don’t serve you, the relief you feel is instantaneous.

The more you repeat a mantra over time, the more intensely its calming, uplifting, or inspirational message takes hold.   

How Mantras Help Calm Anxiety & Stress

Your chattering mind has developed habits, and if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or worried, then those mental habits you’ve picked up aren’t serving you well. All habit change begins in the mind. Mantras interrupt thinking patterns that keep you stuck in stress and anxiety. 

When you feel completely overwhelmed by life, don’t let the stress and anxiety continue unchecked.  Read through this list of mantras that calm anxiety and stress.  See which ones resonate with you.  Then, start reciting these calming and mantras regularly … commit at least one to memory so you can recite it over and over.  

Tip:  try closing your eyes and repeating your mantra while imagining you’re directing the message straight to your heart.  When you embrace the positive emotions and deep truth held within these mantras, that’s when the magic truly begins.

49 Mantras to Reduce Anxiety, Stress & Worry

    1. All is well. 
    2. Things always work out for me.
    3. I release anxiety and embrace peace and love.
    4. Life always works out in my favor.
    5. I release stressful thoughts and choose peace.
    6. I know who I am: calm, capable, and confident.
    7. I can easily handle this.
    8. Joy is my birthright and I claim it now.
    9. Breathe. Relax. Everything is okay.
    10. I choose thoughts that lift me up.
    11. I’ve got this.
    12. Fear is a liar; I choose to believe all will is well.
    13. I am always loved and blessed.
    14. It’s just a moment in time, not a life sentence.
    15. I choose to be a friend to myself. 
    16. I choose ease and calm here and now.
    17. The lesson here is to love myself even more deeply.
    18. I am richly blessed in all ways.
    19. I trust the timing of my life.
    20. There’s a blessing in this experience.
    21. I choose optimism.
    22. Happiness is a choice and I choose it now.
    23. Life is good to me.
    24. Be here now. (popularized by Ram Dass)
    25. Fear is unhelpful; I choose love now.
    26. Peace fills my heart, mind, and soul.
    27. I release anxiety now. 
    28. I surrender to my higher self.
    29. I have control over my feelings and I choose peace.
    30. The wisdom I need resides within me.
    31. My higher self knows the way;  I trust it now and always.
    32. All my needs are always abundantly met.
    33. There’s a lesson here for me to learn; I’m open to receiving it now.
    34. Wonderful opportunities arrive in my life every day. 
    35. Anxiety is a habit; I now choose peace instead.
    36. I am blessed beyond measure.
    37. I find the opportunity here.
    38. My inner wisdom always knows the way.
    39. This moment shall pass. 
    40. I release old thinking habits and know all is well.
    41. I understand all is well, even if I don’t see that yet.

More mantras for those who choose to call in Divine love and timing in times of stress, anxiety, and worry:

42.  I rest in Divine Source

43.  I know God’s got this.

44.  I trust Divine timing.

45.  Divine love surrounds me and guides me.

46.  God has my back;  I surrender this to Him.

47.  I am truly never alone

48.  I turn this over to God and I claim inner peace now.

49.  God’s infinite love means I never have to stress or worry.


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