Changing Your Life Begins With Challenging the Way You Think

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changing your life begins with changing the way you think

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If you’re really serious about changing your life, then you must change the way you think about yourself and what you believe is possible in your life.

No biggie.  If I can do it being as hard-headed and change-resistant as I am, I know YOU can do it, too!

My change story began before I launched this site, but this site is very much a part of how I changed my life for the better. The truth is I didn’t just start Believe and Create, I truly feel I was called to create it.  Yup, a calling … an honest-to-goodness calling.   I never thought those words would apply to me, but I do now.

Here’s How It All Began … And How My Story Could Help You Change Your Life:

I was at another low point in my life and dismissive of myself and my skills and abilities.  I doubted my intrinsic worth.  I felt like I had been discarded from the world where people mattered because I surely did not.  While my basic needs were being met and I even had a few extras, nothing was bringing me anything more than fleeting joy.  I felt devoid of hope for a better future.

I did NOT believe in myself and I was so confused.  So I prayed for help … I prayed for direction for my life.   In time I started hearing an inner voice that at first was whispering and then began shouting “you MUST believe in yourself … nothing changes until you do.  No one else’s opinion of you will ever truly matter.  What matters most is that you believe in yourself.”

The message didn’t stop there.  My inner guide went on to tell me that if I wanted my life to change, it was totally up to me. I had to create the life I wanted … the responsibility for the quality of my life fell squarely on my shoulders.  No one else could do this for me and it would not happen by magic or some random act.  A great life would NOT just automatically drop into my lap one day … I had to create it.

This Was a BIG Message.  Frankly, it Was a Bit Overwhelming at First.

I was called to believe in myself … but how?  I’d spent a lifetime feeling like I wasn’t good enough.

I was called to create the confident, happy life I wanted to live.  But how?  There are no words that adequately explain how much I wanted to change my life so I could live happier … more confident … more at peace with myself and the world around me.  I wanted adventure in my life.  And love.  And abundance.  And so much more. I craved deep change, yet  I had no idea where to start.

It was a big calling and while daunting, it was also the first time in a very long time that I felt excited about my future. I began to truly believe that it was possible to change my life … to move from depression and self-loathing to something better … happier … stronger … something far more fulfilling than the life I was living.

The Key to Changing Your Life Is Changing How You View What’s Possible

You can’t change until you believe can change.   Believing is the beginning of receiving.

The message of Believe and Create is simple: believe in yourself and create the amazing life you were born to live.

You may not know how to do this right now, I sure didn’t at first.  It begins with a fundamental shift in how you see yourself and what you believe is possible for your life.  This doesn’t happen overnight, but the willingness to believe that massive, positive change is possible CAN begin right here, right now.    (A great tool to help you get started is our How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Life guide … it’s free.)

Believe and Create is a call to action to create what you truly want … to believe in yourself and your dreams so much and work for so hard for what you want that you change your life in positive ways you aren’t even imagining possible right now.

What we do here in the blog and in the B&C community is to provide resources, discussions, and tools to help you along your journey to living your very best life.  This is a place where you belong.  This is a place where people get your struggles and want to help you because we know that it is by lifting others that we elevate our own lives.

Are You Proud of How You’re Spending Your Life?

Life is short, that’s for certain.   If you’re reading this, it’s a sure sign you are not completely satisfied with where you are now.  The question is, are you willing to stay stuck there for the rest of your life or are you going to do something about it?

Do you want to reach the end of your life and regret what might have been?  Don’t let this happen! Begin the process of change now … not tomorrow … not next week.  NOW!

It’s time to get charged up about your life … it’s time to look in the mirror and love the person that’s looking back at you.  It’s time to start believing in yourself.

Changing your life isn’t easy.  In fact, there will be stops along your journey that will be downright hard, but it’s worth it!

If You’re Serious About Changing Your Life, Check Out These Amazing Books!

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I invite you to let Believe and Create be there with you to help you and encourage you along your journey to creating the amazing life you were born to live.

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