How to Create a Vision for Your Life that Leads to More Happiness and Fulfillment

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creating a vision and a life plan


My life was a mess and I didn’t know how to fix it. I needed a vision for my life … a vision for my future, but I had no idea how to create it.

It seemed to me that a lot of the people I knew and admired had clear visions for their lives, and I felt so jealous of them.  Why was I so confused?

Deep in my heart, I was certain that my life could be better, but I lacked clarity on how.  I was stumped on how to go about creating a vision for my life and a plan of action that would yield the life I truly wanted to live (mainly, because I wasn’t sure I even knew what I really wanted from my life).

What was clear, though, was that I needed a way out of the constant emotional pain that I was feeling. Life was too painful and it couldn’t go on this way.  So I sought solutions.

Being an avid reader, I went to the bookstore hoping to be drawn to something that would offer the solutions I desperately wanted.

Going to the bookstore seems like such a simple act, but in truth, I was calling for guidance from a source I barely understood and only partly believed was real. I was calling on my higher power to lead me to the answers I needed.

It was in Barnes and Noble that day where I was guided to the book Life Visioning by Dr. Michael Beckwith.  When I bought that book, I was at the lowest point of my life.

I needed a compelling vision for my life so I could live a life that would make me happy and fulfilled

At the time, I was trapped in a well-paying job that I hated. You may be thinking, “Oh poor you … trapped in a well-paying job.”   You make a good point. In fact, I said that same thing to myself over and over. I told myself how blessed I was, but it didn’t make the ugly feelings inside go away.  In fact, it only added guilt to my already messed up life.

I know that earning a good paycheck seems like a not-so-bad position to be in, but I didn’t merely dislike my job, I’d grown to despise it. The pressure and stress were unbearable. Truth is, I allowed it to consume my entire life.  (Spoiler alert:  the job was not the real problem – I was.  Keep reading to know more …)

My life was a mess and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have a personal vision, much less have any idea how to create a better, stronger, happier vision for my life.

I was miserable. My life had no sense of balance, no sense of peace, and the few days when I tapped into joy (mostly on vacations), I found that happiness was fleeting.  When the joy passed, I was left with a deep sense of depression and loss.

The career crisis was only the tip of the iceberg.  I allowed my spiritual life to shrivel away. My personal life was mostly characterized by coming home to an empty house, usually after putting in an 11- or 12-hour day. I didn’t even dare keep a pet for companionship because my schedule was too unreliable.

I let my friendships drift away. I did not invest in new relationships … I stopped trying.

My weight ballooned.  Fast food and infrequent exercise became the norm.

Instead of taking time for walks and nature on the weekends, I nestled into the couch.

When you feel like your life is a complete mess and you don't know what to do about it

My life was off-course in every way.  I craved a better vision for my future. I craved change.

Every aspect of my life was impacted by my decision to hold fast and tight to a job that wasn’t right for me anymore. My vision for my life at the time (i.e., work hard and everything will be fine) was never going to work, no matter how tightly I  clung to it.

I invested everything in that job; it became my identity. I was afraid to leave, believing that I would never find another way to support myself if I did. I didn’t even know who’d I’d be if I left; I’d been there 22 years and couldn’t imagine what life would be without my executive title and the accompanying paycheck.

We are here to change. We are here to grow, develop, and unfold. We are progressive beings that have infinite capacity -Michael Beckwith

Do you yearn for more meaning and happiness in your life?  That was the secret vision I had for my life but didn’t know how to create it.

Frankly, I knew I didn’t need as much money as I was earning; what I needed and longed for was deeper meaning in my life. I was also desperate for lightness in my life. I was so unhappy that there were times that I thought why even bother living; I had these thoughts more than I care to admit.

My life was a mess. Looking back, I know that while I blamed the job for my state of perpetual stress and unhappiness, the truth was that how I was living my entire life was the real problem.

I didn’t believe I deserved to be treated well. I didn’t believe I could experience happiness more than every now and then.

I didn’t believe that I could support myself if I made a career change. I didn’t believe that I held any worth at all except through my work. I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t take chances and my attempts to change were ill-conceived and insincere at best.

I was in my own way and I didn’t see it. My current circumstances were blocking my vision for what was possible in my life.

I prayed for a way out. When I reached for Michael Beckwith’s teachings, it was like I had been handed a lifeline.

Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning helped me get a clearer picture of what I wanted my life to look and feel like. It awakened in me a connection to spirit that I’d thought was long gone. It allowed me to see possibilities instead of dead-ends for my life. And, it gave me the tools I needed to muster up the courage to make dramatic changes that would forever change the trajectory of my life … all in an incredibly positive way.

The pain pushes you until the vision pulls you.  -Michael Beckwith

Michael Beckwith is one of a handful of people who helped me make my way out of my old life and into the life I lead now. (I also give big props to Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Pema Chödrön.) My life is not perfect, but it’s at least a thousand times better.

Yes, I quit the job and I survived. Yes, I realize that the job itself was NEVER the real problem; I’d merely outgrown it and it was ready for a dramatic change.

the best way to create a vision for the happy and fulfilling life you want

The problem you think is the problem is often not the REAL problem.  When you don’t have a clear vision for your life, you put yourself at risk.

The real problem back then was I was looking at myself, my potential, and my life incorrectly.  My vision was so bad, I couldn’t see two feet in from of me.

Moreover, I wallowed in pain far longer than was necessary because I didn’t take the time to create a compelling vision for my life much less begin to execute that compelling vision. (B&C has a free tool for that).

Moreover, I was a spiritual being living without connecting to my spiritual center. You’ve heard the expression that “the pain pushes until the vision pulls” … that’s what was happening to me.

Michael Beckwith helped me move from pain into the vision stage of my life, and for that, I’m forever grateful. Beckwith taught me that my possibilities were much bigger than my pain.  He helped me reconnect to my spiritual core.

I believe that you’re great, that there’s something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life. Regardless of how young or old you think you might be. The moment you begin to ‘think properly,’ this something that’s within you, this power within you that’s greater than the world, it will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence. If you let it. Now that is what I know, for sure.  – Michael Beckwith

It’s time to start living on purpose instead of on autopilot.

Most of us are conditioned to living our lives the same way each and every day. We’ve developed habits that oftentimes make life easier and simpler but sometimes get in our way.

If you want to start living on purpose rather than on autopilot, you’ll have to make some changes that need to be implemented on a daily basis.

The most successful people (and the happiest) embrace a clear set of daily habits, rituals, and routines that enable them to live their lives at their highest.

Here are a few habits to adopt to help you live more intentionally every day.

  • Listen to your higher self. There is inner wisdom inside you that already has a vision for your life. Spend time in peace and silence to hear what that voice is saying.
  • Ask yourself:  does this decision serve me both now and in the long-run, too?  If you’re to live your very best life, then you’ll need to make trade-offs between what you want now and what you really truly want. Often they are not one and the same.
  • Pause before you act. The simple act of taking a brief pause before engaging in any action that has the potential to take you off course can work miracles in your life.  Pause – breathe – then act deliberately, not out of impulsiveness.
  • Are you experiencing frequent bouts of joy?  If you’re not, that’s a sure sign that you’re not living your life the way it’s meant to be lived. Reflect on what brings you joy and take proactive steps to experience more moments of joy in your life.
  • Get off to a positive start every morning. Mornings are the perfect time to “tune into” what you do want in your life. Focus on how you want to think and feel that day. Set your “internal radio station” to positive, peaceful, and joyful. Your vision for your future includes being happy and fulfilled, and to experience that vision, begin every day with what you truly want foremost in your mind.

Embrace a bigger vision for the life you want to live.

When I sincerely embraced a bigger vision for my life … when I walked in the direction of my purpose … a happier, less stressful, more fulfilling life began to unfold for me. The same can happen for you.

Are you willing to embrace change?  If you’re not, your life won’t get better.  Painful changes are often necessary for beautiful new chapters to begin.  It may be time for you to start a new chapter.  Don’t resist it; embrace it!

If you want to get a big head start, I urge you to explore two great resources:

  1.  How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Life – it’s a free self-discovery guide offered by Believe and Create. It asks 10 eye-opening questions that will help you get on track with what you really want for your life.

How to Create a Compelling Vision for your Life Your Free gift when you subscribe to the Believe and Create newsletter

  1. Michael Beckwith’s teachings, including his Life Visioning online program (more details on it below – or click here for complete course information).

Whatever you do, do something that helps you step forward.   You deserve to live a happy life.  It’s up to you to claim it.

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creating a vision and a life plan

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