Truth Time: Why You’re Not Getting What You Want Most

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truth time: why you're not getting what you want out of your life and not achieving your dreams

There are things you want from your life … dreams that you hold dearly.  I get it.  I have dreams I’m going after, and I am determined to realize my dreams, too.  Sometimes the journey can seem really hard and foreign. Take heart, though.  I’ve been on this road a long time and what I’ve realized is that you can get anywhere you dream of going as long as you keep your eyes on where you want to be.

Here’s a little story that offers an important lesson for anyone who’s dreaming big and wants those dreams to come to pass…

Imagine that you’re in an unfamiliar city. You’re driving down the freeway and are making darn good time getting to your destination. The road is in great shape. Traffic is light. Even better, there’s no road construction to slow you down… unlike there is for those poor folks headed in the other direction where traffic is backing up.

Yes, you’re quite pleased with the way the trip is going. You’re delighted about the progress you’re making.

Pretty soon, though, an unsettling feeling starts to creep in.   Something just doesn’t feel quite right … things aren’t looking the way you thought they’d look. You should have reached your destination by now. Soon your concern that something might be wrong turns into the realization that something is definitely wrong.

You pull off at the next exit to check your GPS on your phone or ask directions from a local.   Sure enough, something is wrong: you’re on the right road, but you’ve been going the wrong way. Moreover, you’ve been traveling so obstacle-free, that you’ve strayed a long distance from where you intended to go.

Why did I tell that story?

If You Want to Ever Achieve Your Dreams, You’ll Probably Find Yourself Lost a Time or Two

Right now in your life, you may be facing obstacles that are getting in the way of reaching where you want to be. Maybe it seems like you don’t have the resources you need to make a change or there are people or special circumstances in your way. Life feels hard.  It feels like you’re being asked to trudge slowly through stuff you don’t want to face to achieve the kind of life you really want.   Here’s the main point:

Resist the urge to turn in a direction that will never take you to your dream destination!

It’s fine if you search for detours that’ll help you navigate around some of the bumps and slow-downs that you’ll otherwise face.  Just don’t start traveling backward because it seems so much easier (because it will seem easier).

Here’s the real kicker, though: there will be times in your life when you’re traveling in the wrong direction and you won’t recognize it at first.   As soon as you do, you must turn around.   There’s no point in lamenting or whining, as neither will do you any good.    There’s no point in fighting the fact that you’ve “wasted” time and energy going the wrong way, although the urge to vent in frustration will probably be strong.  Again, though, basking in frustration or aggravation simply won’t do you any good.

There are gurus and mystics who say you’re where you are for a reason, that there are no wrong roads.   I believe in that concept to an extent, because there’s always something to be gained from every experience.   Going the “wrong” way tests your resolve … your patience … your character. Will you rise to the occasion and turn around, no matter how difficult that may be for you?

It IS Possible to Shift Directions and Get What You Really Want from Your Life

 Go after what you really want with unwavering commitment. 

I’m writing about this subject because I’ve gone down the wrong way on the right road for what seems like a million times in my life (I’ve done this with self-doubts, with relationships, with my career and more) and I want to help others avoid the HUGE errors I’ve made

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that most recently I’ve done it with a weight gain … again.   Yup, not my first time at this rodeo.

After losing 78 pounds, I somehow did a 180-degree turn and put back on more weight than I care to think about.   It almost seems surreal to me, as if I did this in a state of slumber. Yes, I’m frustrated, but facts are facts and I must face them.  Unlike the traveling in an unfamiliar city scenario, I can’t claim “ignorance of the region” as an excuse. I know the road … and I know which direction leads to a healthy weight and which direction leads to an unhealthy weight.

On a day-to-day basis, the “unhealthy way” is easier, because I like ice cream and pizza and burgers and would gladly eat them every day. (Some people might have just shuddered when they read that admission, but I cannot lie about this, even if it makes you think less of me. I never claimed to have all the answers … I’m just a traveler on this journey like everyone else.)

In the grand scheme of things, the “easy way” here for me leads to serious health problems.  I must switch directions, even though the daily discipline that entails will be hard, especially at first. I have no choice: I can’t get to my healthy weight any other way.

This lesson in this post isn’t about healthy eating and exercise or weight.  The lesson I much bigger than that.

The fundamental laws of life I’m discussing here can be applied to just about anything in your life where you know your actions and thoughts are not leading you to the positive outcomes you want to achieve.  

To sum up: it’s not helpful to make good time if you’re going in the wrong direction. It’s just messed up.   Turn around if you need to, no matter where you are.   Keep your eyes focused on where you want to be and start heading in that direction.

In the long run, despite the “traffic” and other obstacles you’ll face, heading towards your highest and grandest vision for your life will always be a decision you’ll be glad you made.

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