Get Yourself Out of a Funk With These 12 Mantras

You have the power to get yourself out of a funk.   It’s true.

Hey, I’m empathetic to how you got in that funk … trust me, you’ll find no judgments here.  I’ve been in many a funk in my life, so I know the drill.

Life is going along pretty good and then bit by bit things seem to change.   Then, before you know it, you somehow find yourself trapped in a place where you can’t focus on the positive and seem stuck in habitual stinky thinking.  I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.

My stinkin’ thinkin’ got me into the mess (the funk) and I now know that I must use a whole different kind of thinking to get out of it.

Here’s the simple answer for getting out of any funk you find yourself in: raise your energy by raising the vibration of your thoughts.  Stop allowing yourself to be at the mercy of thought trains that are taking you to Bittersville.  Step in and take the wheel by practicing uplifting mantras that reinforce your true core beliefs and highest values.

Take responsibility and get yourself out of a funk with these 12 mantras

Here are 12 mantras to get your started.  If any of these resonate with where you are in your life right now, then print them out and post those babies wherever you’ll see them often.  Even better, commit them to memory.

Also, spread the positive vibes by sharing the ones you love with your friends on social media.

Mantra #1

Kind Loving Soul

Mantra #2

I choose to live in joy each and every day

Mantra #3

I invite wonderful new opporutnities into my life today

Mantra #4

I am always responsible for my energy and I choose to make the vibration I send into the world a positive one.

Mantra #5

I set myself free by forgiving all those who've wornged me, including me.

Mantra #6

I am supported by grace

Mantra #7

I am strong and disciplined and my life is better because of it.

Mantra #8

I pay attention to the blessings around me

Mantra #9

I open my hands and heart to receive the blessings available to me today

Mantra #10

I choose to move in the direction of my highest good.

Mantra #11

I love my life and I'm thrilled with the many ways abundance shows up in my life.

Mantra #12


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