Where & How to Find a Remote Job (A Legitimate One!)

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how to find a remote job so you can work from home
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If You Want to Find a Remote Job, You've Come to the Right Place!

These days, more and more people are deciding they’d rather work from home in a remote job. At the same time, many companies are realizing that they have access to a much larger talent pool and can save a lot of money on office expenses by making more jobs available for remote workers.  If you want to find a remote job — either a part-time gig or a full-time position — there’s never been a better time to start working from home.

If you want to know how to find a remote job, there are some things you need to consider before you start your search.  You need to know who’s hiring and what the most popular remote jobs are today. You also need to know where remote jobs are posted so you can keep an eye on new remote job opportunities as they arise.

Rule #1 for Finding Remote Work:

If you have to pay ANYTHING upfront to an employer to be hired for a job, you can be assured that the opportunity is not entirely on the up-and-up. 

Legitimate businesses do not require you to pay to work for them. That being said, some high-quality job boards will charge a small monthly membership fee o view their complete job listings.  When using a paid job board, only use those that offer a guarantee of satisfaction and have a  “cancel at any time” policy. 

A Few Helpful Tips Before You Begin Your Remote Job Search

Before you begin your remote job search, you need to know how to spot and avoid scam jobs.  For example, many survey sites will promise you can make a great living, but in truth, most people only average a few cents to a few dollars for an hour of work.  

Another common questionable tactic some businesses use is to try to convince you to buy products from them to resell.  They’ll assure you that you’ll make money from your investment, and show you numerous examples of people striking it rich. The only one guaranteed to make money in these situations is the company selling you their products to resell.

You don’t need to risk a single dime to work from home; there are plenty of legitimate companies posting remote jobs that guarantee you earn a decent paycheck for your effort.


Rule #2 for Finding Remote Work:

Beware of anyone that promises you can make great money taking surveys or reviewing websites. Many of these sites pay substantially below minimum wage. Don’t waste your time!

Before committing to work with any company, search “<company name> reviews”  on Google or search the company’s name on Glassdoor.  Check out their reputation; what are other people saying about them?  This step will help you spot scammers quickly and easily.

Where to Find Remote Jobs

There are many different places to find remote jobs. The trick is expanding your search on many different sites so that you can identify the right work-from-home opportunities for you.

Find a Remote Job in Your Field of Interest on Indeed

One of the easiest ways to search for remote jobs is to head on over to Indeed.com.  Simply type in the type of job you want and enter “Remote” in the “where” field.  Indeed automatically returns dozens — sometimes even hundreds — of remote job opportunities in your desired field.

find a remote job on Indeed

If you don’t find a great remote job opportunity for you on LinkedIn, you can also search for remote jobs on ZipRecruiter.

Rule #3 for Finding Remote Work:

You may need to search for remote jobs on several sites before you find the right opportunity for you.  If you truly want to work remotely, don’t give up. The right opportunity for you exists! Just be persistent in your remote job search.

Sign Up for FlexJobs to Find Remote Work

Flexjobs offers one of the most complete remote job boards that you’ll find anywhere.  You will have to pay a $14.95 membership fee each month (or save by buying a $29.95 3-month plan), but the good news is that your FlexJobs membership comes with a complete guarantee of satisfaction and you can cancel it at any time.  

Many people find great remote job opportunities on FlexJobs within a month or two, so the small investment to view dozens to hundreds of remote jobs in your field is well worth the minimal investment.  I’ve used FlexJobs to find remote work and so have many of my friends.

how to find a remote job on flexjobs
Save up to 30% at FlexJobs with code SAVE30 and find your new remote job.

More Sites to Find a Remote Job

While FlexJobs is the most complete remote job search forum, there are dozens of other popular places to find remote work online.   Below are a few remote job resources you’ll want to be sure to check out.

Remotive.io:  Check out remote jobs in software development, customer support, design, marketing and sales, product management and more on this website. They also have a list of 2000+ companies that are hiring remotely.

VirtualVocations.com:  This mega-job-board features jobs from more than 18,000 companies.  In fact, more than 700 new remote jobs around the world are found and posted here each day.  Every remote job posted on this site is hand-screened. You can register for free and view a partial list of jobs, or sign up for a monthly service for $15.99 to obtain premium subscriber access. 

Remote.Co:  If you want to find a remote job, you’ll want to check out this site used by more than 1000 top companies. When you visit Remote.com, be sure to sign up for their weekly Fresh Jobs Newsletter.

how to find a remote job on remote.co

More Places to Find a Remote Job

Talent.hubstaff.com:  Hubstaff Talent has thousands of clients looking for remote workers.  There’s no charge to start a profile. Simply fill out your details, including specific skills and your availability, and you’ll be  contacted directly if anyone wants to speak with you about a remote job.

WeWorkRemotely.com: This site offers all types of jobs in various professional categories.  You can sign up for their free newsletter to get updates on new job posts.  Companies like Google, Amazon, and Basecamp post jobs on We Work Remotely.

Outsourcely.com:  Thousands of startups use Outsourcely to find and hire remote workers.  You can find all types of jobs in all types of categories on this site. You can create a profile and be found by employers, or apply for remote jobs listed on the site. If hired, you keep 100 percent of your pay.

SkiptheDrive.com:   This site offers remote and work-from-home jobs in over 30 categories.  They also offer a ton of work-from-home resources on their blog, so be sure to check out this popular remote job search engine. It’s totally free to job remote seekers.

Working Nomads.com:  If a freedom lifestyle appeals to you, then you might want to begin your remote job search on Working Nomads.  You can find a remote job in one of 15 different job categories here.


Places to Find Great Freelance Jobs

Maybe you don’t want to commit to a job with a specific company.  In today’s “gig economy,” it’s easy to find remote work on a project basis.   Sites like Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, SolidGigs.com, and PeoplePerHour.com all allow you to find project-based work where you choose the type of work you’re willing to do and only accept the project if the fee is in line with your needs.

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The Very Best Books on Remote Jobs & Work-from-Home Jobs

While I’ve given you some solid direction on where and how to find a remote job, I’ve barely touched the surface on all the great opportunities there are available today.  If you’re ready to take your remote job search to the next level, I recommend you check out any of these bestsellers on how to find work-from-home opportunities and remote jobs.  They’re packed with details I simply can’t cover in a single blog post. 

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Specific Companies that Hire Remote Workers

There are some top companies that regularly hire remote workers.  Customer service jobs and IT jobs are the most popular remote jobs posted among these companies, but there are many other opportunities available as well.  And,  new jobs are posted all the time.

If your goal is to find a remote job, then you’ll want to check out the work-from-home (or work-from-anywhere) job opportunities at these leading employers:

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