Reclaim a Sense of Calm Using the 5-5 Breath Meditation

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How to Reclaim a Sense of Calm  Have you ever found yourself obsessing about something?  Who hasn’t, right?

It’s so easy to get trapped in the often circular thinking pattern that only generates unnecessary stress in our lives.

Consider just a few of the various situations that can put your mind into overdrive:

  • You have an important deadline coming up and if you cloned yourself and worked 24/7, you still couldn’t meet it.
  • Someone irritates you at work, and I mean not just irritates you, but really crosses the line and pushes you off the deep end.
  • Your spouse or a loved one says the flat-out, “I can’t believe they said that,”  wrong thing to you.
  • You snapped back at a rude customer service rep  and you don’t know what upsets you more – the offending person or your over-the-top ugly response.

Let’s face it, there are lots of things that can send your mind into overdrive and the accompanying stress can be wicked.  You know the feeling:  Your stomach turns, your neck and shoulders are as taut as a rubber brand stretched to the max, and your head feels like it’s going to explode.

Logic tells you that you need to calm down and let it go, but how on earth can you regain a sense of calm, quiet, and peace?

Believe it or not, one solution to de-stressing may be in your breath.

There are a number of breathing techniques that can help you regain a sense of calm and peace.   One that I recommend is the 5-5  Breath Meditation because it’s easy to remember and you get relief in a very short time; you can feel calmer in as little as five minutes.

In this YouTube video from yoga expert Tommy Rosen, in a video originally created for The Daily Love ,  Tommy demonstrates just how easy the 5-5 Breath Meditation technique is to do.   Take a few moments now and learn how to do the  5-5 Breath Meditation.

Next time you’re overwhelmed by stress or you find your mind marinating in unhelpful thoughts, give the 5-5  Breath Meditation a try.   You have nothing to lose but your stress!


By J. Marie Novak, Founder, Believe And Create


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