The Life-Changing Magic of Listening to Your Higher Self

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Your Higher Self Is Calling

You may think you see yourself as you really are, but if you’re like most people, your self-view is clouded.  To truly see yourself as you really are, you need to understand and connect to your higher self … because your higher self is who you truly are.

What Gets in the Way of Hearing & Heeding the Advice of Your Higher Self?

When you live your life according to the way the world teaches you to live your life, it’s easy for you to lose sight of who you really are.

Life teaches us all sorts of things about ourselves that simply aren’t true.  It’s as if your true self is straight ahead and the people and situations you face in life keep turning your head to the right and left so you never see who you truly are.

When you’re young, life teaches you how to interpret who you are.  We tell ourselves we’re the good girl, or the difficult boy because other people decide who we are based on a few tendencies we project … or based on who they want us to be.  

You believe these people because they are your parents, siblings, teachers, role models, or other authority figures who must be right about you.  After all, you reason, you’re just a kid, what do you know?

Then you start making friends, or encounter bullies, who tell you who you are or show you who you want to be … or who you don’t want to be.

Lastly, few of us escape the influence of pop culture and the media. The media bombards us with images of what it takes to be loved, happy, and successful.  Most of us buy into the dribble that the magazines, movies, television shows, and celebrities are constantly shoveling out to us.

These outside influencers project the  “rules” for living a wonderful life. Women are to be thin, beautiful, gentle, sexy, cheerful and sweet.  Men are to be strong, tall, and make a lot of money (and they’re never, ever, ever allowed to cry, unless it’s at a funeral, and even it’s only deemed okay if the deceased was someone close to them).   

Most of us become a creation we came up with to get our needs met.  You no longer see yourself as you really are; there are too many fake layers on top,  layers that can be both stifling and exhausting.

Why Do You Listen to All These People and Cultural Signals?

Your deep inner need for love prompts you to do whatever it takes to belong. You become certain that the choices you’re making to be liked and accepted is the path to the happiness and love that you yearn for … what everyone yearns for.

You become who you think you should be rather than choosing to see yourself as you really are. Your true self gets buried so deep, you wouldn’t even recognize him or her if you were standing face to face with your real self.

The Cruel Irony of Believing What The World Has Told You About Who You Really Are

The cruel irony of listening to all the voices that tell you who you really are is that when you’re not actually being who you were made to be, then you can never experience a true sense of belonging because you’re playing a part … you’re not being authentic.

The real you goes unnoticed and unloved and neglected not because others have rejected you, but because you’ve become too scared to show your real self to the world.  

By the time you’re an adult, how you see yourself is locked in tight.  Your beliefs are often not conscious beliefs, but rather thoughts about yourself that have been so tightly held for so many years that they’re rooted deep in your subconscious mind.

You think you see yourself as you really are, but you’re actually out of touch with your higher self. 

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You’re Freakin’ Amazing: Own It!

Your higher self knows things about you that your lower self doesn’t; namely, that you’re more capable, lovable, and amazing than what you’re giving yourself credit for.

When you make a higher-self connection, you stop living in worry and stress and start living in wonder and joy.  You discover that everything that’s going on in your life offers you an opportunity for personal growth, and you surrender to the inner wisdom that guides you instead of allowing your frightened ego to take the wheel that’s directing your life.

When you start to see yourself as you really are, everything in your life changes.


5 Ways to Start Living Your Life Guided by Your Higher Self

1. Start to See Yourself As You Really Are. Yes, you’re flawed, we all are.  It’s called being human. But, you’re also a beautiful soul who deserves great joy and love in your life.  Accept this as the truth of your life. Affirm:  “I am a strong, capable, beautiful person and I deserve to live a wonderful life and I claim it now.”

2. Consult With Your Inner Wisdom. You can call it intuition or gut instinct. I often refer to it as Divine wisdom within me.  This source of knowledge has great wisdom to share with you but you cannot hear it if you do not listen for it. Your higher self often speaks in whispers, so you need to place yourself in the right environment and mental state to receive those subtle messages.

You can invite your inner wisdom to speak to you by setting aside a little time in a  calm, quiet space.  For example, take a short walk by yourself or start a simple meditation practice.  I sometimes connect to my higher self by spending 5-15 minutes in the morning or late at night;  I simply sit in a comfy chair in a room by myself while listening to relaxing instrumental music.

 3. Decide to Live Your Life Intentionally.  Make a decision that you want to live your life in love, peace, and harmony; that you want to be a person who takes good care of yourself and offer your gifts to the world.  Then, whenever faced with making a choice in life where you are unsure of the correct path, ask yourself,  “Does the choice I’m about to make align with the decision I made about how I intend to live my life?”  If it does, proceed. If it does not, adjust.

4. Make Loving Kindness a Priority (Towards Yourself and Others).  When you have to make a choice between being right and being kind, be kind.  Because being kind is always the right choice. And if your kindness and love don’t extend to yourself, then you are not living at your highest self.  

5    View Difficult Emotions and Tough Times as a Call to Live With Greater Self-Compassion.  Life comes with its fair share of challenges, including great losses, disappointments, and seemingly unfair changes that can rock your world.  To fight with the flow of life is pointless; accept you will face difficult times and every time a difficult emotion rises, ask yourself,

    • What is the message this emotion is sending to me?  
    • How can I respond to this difficult situation that will lead me to peace?  
    • What does this sudden change in my life make possible for me that would not have been possible before?
    • How can I use this situation to live my absolute highest life?

The challenges of your life are not meant to destroy you. These times of your life contain lessons in grace and growth that you are meant to learn. Choose to seek the lessons rather than be buried by the pain that arises in difficult times.

In times of challenge and turmoil, your faith is not being tested, but you are being called to live in deeper faith; faith that you can and will handle whatever comes your way, and perhaps even experience something beautiful for having gone through the experience.  (Recommended Resource:  When Life Is Too Hard:  21 Best Books to Read)

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YouTube Lessons and Meditations on Embracing Your Higher Self

It’s kind of funny really; if I need to know how to fix a faucet, or create a website, or learn just about anything under the sun nowadays, YouTube is one of my first stops.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I found several good Higher Self resources on YouTube when I was preparing to write this post.  Here are a few I recommend you watch for both inspiration and insight; each, in its own way, will help you see yourself as you really are

How You See Yourself Matters: Your Higher Self Is Beckoning

How you see yourself decides EVERYTHING!  You cannot rise higher than your what your self-perception will allow.

Instead of letting the world turn your head to the right or the left, look at yourself square-on, with nothing but love and appreciation for the beautiful soul you truly are. When you see yourself through the eyes of love and self-acceptance, your entire life will open up in amazing ways. When you see yourself as you really are, miracles being to unfold.

Tune Into Your Higher Self Now: See Yourself as You Really Are

Stop waiting until you “get around to it” to change your life for the better.  Use the many resources and tools I’ve suggested here to begin your path to living your life at a higher level, listening to the wisdom within.

Your life won’t get better when the circumstances of your life change; it will get better when you start seeing yourself for the amazing person you really are and start living from that higher place each and every day.

Wish you much joy, love, and happiness on your journey!  – J. Marie, Founder of Believe And Create.

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  1. This is a very useful lesson as we are so busy with life and our need to be functional and accessible to everyone but ourselves. I love the five ways to live your life as your higher self. I will have to laminate this and place it on my fridge so that I am reminded everyday that I am a priority. It is true that wisdom start from within; you cannot preach something so well unless you practice it yourself.


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