77 Self-Love Activities: The Very Best Ways to Practice Self-Love

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Self-love activities can have a transformative impact on your mental and emotional well-being. They reduce stress and anxiety while helping you feel more valued, accomplished, and fulfilled.

Participating in self-love activities helps you build your sense of self-worth and self-appreciation while helping you find the joy that’s been missing in your life.

Whether you’re just starting your journey of self-discovery and self-love or looking to deepen your existing practice, this post offers practical tips and ideas for incorporating self-love into your daily routine. I’ll introduce you to 77 self-love activities, many of which are completely free.

practicing self-loving behaviors can help you feel more love for yourselff -- even if at first you don't really love yourself

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Love expressed merely through words isn’t really love; love expressed through action is

What would you say about someone who told you they love you but never showed you they loved you?  You’d doubt their love, right?

Words can be empty without actions to back them up.  Love expressed through action is more impactful because it demonstrates a level of commitment and shows genuine love. 

Love expressed through action creates a deeper connection between people, as it shows that each cares about the other’s wants and needs. 

Self-love works in much the same way.  How will you ever believe you love yourself if you don’t participate in actions that confirm that belief? 

You must express your self-love through your thoughts and words. Equally, if not more important, you must also get in the habit of expressing your love via action.

Regularly participating in self-love activities proves you’re not just giving lip service to your intention to care for yourself; instead, you prove to yourself that you KNOW you deserve love, kindness, and compassion, and you heap it on yourself in regular doses of self-love.

Ultimately, love expressed through action is a more tangible and meaningful way to show love and affection. And dear one, you deserve that affection from yourself. 

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77 self-love activities

You’ll see many of these self-love activities won’t cost you a dime.  For those who have physical or time limitations, many of these activities can be done online—making them more accessible for all.

I suggest selecting your top seven on this list of 77 self-love activities and then narrowing your options to your top one or two choices that you can start today.

  1. Plan a special gathering with fun people.
  2. Read a book on self-love.
  3. Explore turning something you’re passionate about into a career.
  4. Begin practicing self-kindness.
  5. Clean out the closet or drawer that’s been bugging you. 
  6. Start keeping a self-awareness and self-discovery journal.
  7. Decline an invite to a stress-provoking social gathering.
  8. Start a mindfulness practice.
  9. Go for a walk.
  10. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  11. Paint, draw, or do any form of art.
  12. Let go of things you can’t control but that you’re still clinging to.
  13.  Decide where you need to set healthy boundaries, and set them.
  14. Knock out some tasks on that “to-do” list you’ve been avoiding.
  15. Participate in some unconditional self-acceptance exercises.
  16. Schedule a full day just for you, doing something you love.
  17. Do a free yoga session via YouTube.
  18. Get a health check-up from the doc.
  19. Create an energizing, destressing morning routine.
  20. Treat yourself to a special healthy meal.
  21. Recite some calming mantras for anxiety and stress.
  22. Listen to uplifting music. 
  23. Watch a silly, funny movie or TV show.
  24. Keep the promise you make to yourself.
  25. Take a nap.
  26. Spend time with an encouraging loved one.
  27. Learn more about crystals for self-love.
  28. Update your resume and begin a new job search.
  29. Identify your true needs and get help where you need it.
  30. Cook a new recipe.
  31. Take the free course:  How to Believe in Yourself More Fully.
  32. Take a dance class or go dancing.
  33. Practice self-love affirmations.
  34. Spend time in a sauna, steam room, or ice bath (ice baths are a thing!).
  35. Identify and release self-sabotaging behaviors.
  36. Learn a new skill or hobby.
  37. Read a book about happiness.
  38. Declutter and organize a room in your house. 
  39. Go to a museum or art exhibit.
  40. Learn how to listen to your higher self.
  41. Go to the dentist.
  42. Try a new form of exercise.
  43. Attend a concert or live performance.
  44. Learn some new self-care activities.
  45. Take a hot air balloon ride or other unique adventure.
  46. Visit a botanical garden (or start your own garden if that makes you happier!).
  47. Create better thinking habits.
  48. Celebrate your wins—even small ones.
  49. Take a scenic drive or road trip.
  50. Create a budget and stick to it
  51. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.
  52. Spend quiet time in self-reflection.
  53. Get a facial, massage, or other spa pampering treatment. 
  54. Read a book on boosting your confidence.
  55. Take a 24-, 40-, or 72-hour vacation away from social media.
  56. Take the free mini-course: How to Stop Worrying and Reduce Stress
  57. Volunteer your time at a local charity that touches your heart.
  58. Spend time with a life coach.
  59. Learn how to restore calm when you get overwhelmed with worry.
  60. Find one new way to break free from your daily routine. 
  61. Make a list of things you’re grateful for; practice radical gratitude.
  62. Visit a planetarium or observatory.
  63. Join a support group (Mental Health America can help with this). 
  64. Perform a random act of kindness; because it makes YOU feel good. 
  65. Get help overcoming body image issues so you can move from insecurity to love.
  66. Go on a meditation or yoga retreat.
  67. Attend a concert or performance by a favorite musician or band.
  68. Develop a more restful nighttime routine.
  69. Take a cooking class.
  70. Take a scenic hike in a National Park. (Can’t do it physically? Do it virtually!).
  71. Spend time doing gentle body stretches.
  72. Attend a comedy show or improv performance.
  73. Read How to Kick Your Worry Habit and Just Be Happier.
  74. Take a pottery or ceramics class.
  75. Join a book club with people you’ll enjoy being around. 
  76. Book a session with a therapist (how to choose a therapist).
  77. Spend time in a sensory-friendly museum. 

Journals and workbooks that will support your self-love practice

I’ve selected a few workbooks and journals packed with additional self-love exercises and activities. These will help you deepen your self-love practice.  

Self-love workbook for women book recommendation
Self-Love Workbook for Women by Megan Logan, MSW, LCSW
love youreslf like your life depends on it book recommendation
Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant
love yourself heal your life workbook recommendation
Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workbook by Louise Hay
self love experiment book recommendation
The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser
the self love journal book recommendation
The Self-Love Journal by Leslie Marchand, LCSW
what the heck is self love anyway book recomendation
What the Heck Is Self-Love Anyway? by Jonathon Aslay

Self-loving actions may need to precede the belief that you actually really do love yourself

Some of us really don’t love ourselves yet; we want to, but we don’t. There’s some scientific backing to the adage, “fake it until you make it.”  If you participate in self-love activities, even if you don’t love yourself yet or think they’re not doing any good, you may find that those loving self-acts transform your opinion about yourself and what’s possible for your life.

If you suffer from a sense of low self-worth, the idea of self-love may feel foreign to you.  Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith that actions performed for the benefit of your well-being are worth exploring, even if you don’t fully understand how these nurturing activities will affect you.

Even if you don’t feel especially self-loving initially, practicing self-loving behaviors can help fan the embers of subtle self-care into full-on flames of self-love. 

When you cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness, your life transforms for the better. 

Once the fuzzy feelings start flowing—once you experience how good self-love feels—you are more apt to believe in the power of self-love.

Actions speak louder than words and can have a profound effect;  participating in self-loving activities is a great start to a full-blown love for yourself.

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