When You Believe in Yourself, You’ll Be Unstoppable

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Do You Believe in Yourself?

Whether your answer is “not always” to “hardly ever,” you’re not alone.

when you believe in yourself you'll e unstoppable

Far too many people are settling for lives that are far below their potential largely because they don’t believe in themselves.  There was a time when I did not believe in myself,  and I can tell you, that lack of faith in myself was the source of many if not most of my problems in life.

The way I see it now, though, is that none of us were born to live in worry, anxiety, stress, and pain.  We are not put on this earth to play small … we are here to shine our light.   Genius resides in you because it resides in everyone.  It’s your special brand of genius … it’s what you were put on this planet to bring forth into the world.

You are here to experience joy and love and peace and all the good things life has to offer. 

Stop Saying “I Don’t Believe in Myself”

You Have a LOT to Offer; If You Don’t Boost Your Confidence, the World Will Miss Out (and So Will You!)

You are here to share special gifts that no one else has.  You have the power and strength within you to live your highest life.  To do that, you must embrace the true you … you must believe in yourself.

It’s been my experience that some of the most important lessons for us to learn are really quite simple.  Yet, in the day-to-day “autopilot lives” we’ve created for ourselves, we somehow miss the big picture.

So often, we get bogged down in detail.  Worse, we often value others’ opinions of us more than our own.  Both of these habits work against us.

be confident and you'll be unstoppable

Why Don’t You Believe in Yourself?

Who told you that you weren’t good enough?  They didn’t understand you or they were projecting their own feelings of inadequacies on you.  Or, they were liars.  They may or may not have intentionally lied to you, but you’ve taken their message to heart and, frankly dear, that’s done nothing but brought you pain and suffering.

Others may say things to you, but that doesn’t mean those words are true.  It doesn’t matter if others believe in you, what matters most is that you believe in yourself.

When others doubt you or your abilities, affirm (out loud or to yourself)


When thoughts of self-doubt pop in your head, remember to have faith in yourself.  Believing you do will make it so.

Moving from self-doubt to self-belief may take a little time, especially if you’ve sat in the “I’m not good enough” zone for a long time.

Your mind may tell you things — things that stem from long-held limiting beliefs — that but doesn’t mean those thoughts are true, either. Examine your beliefs about yourself and think about whether those beliefs are loving and uplifting, or negative and stifling. If any of those beliefs about yourself tear you down, they’re not true now and they never were.

One of the greatest lessons you’ll learn in your life is to love yourself.  That means choosing to believe in yourself.  It also means  embracing self-acceptance rather than self-criticism.  You need to choose to believe in yourself even when life is hard and you’re facing uphill battles.  You are more powerful than you realize … you can do more than you’re telling yourself you can do.

How a Kid’s Movie Teaches You to Believe in Yourself

There’s a wonderful lesson about believing in yourself and embracing your unique gifts in the Disney® movie Frozen®.     Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the movie’s hit song “Let It Go”    (composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez and sung by Idina Menzel.)

If you have a minute, visit YouTube to watch the Let It Go singalong version where you can listen while reading the lyrics  (or, heck, have fun and sing along!).

Frozen is the story of two orphaned princesses.  Elsa is the eldest and she has a very special gift that she’s been keeping secret for fear of hurting others, as she accidentally hurt her younger sister Anna when they were little girls.   So Elsa created barriers … she shut others out.    She hid her true self.   She didn’t believe or trust in herself.

One day, when her big secret was revealed, Elsa ran away.    However, once the secret was out, Elsa also underwent a big transformation in her heart.   She was still worried about hurting her sister, but she was no longer ashamed of who she was or afraid of what others thought about her.   That’s the point in the movie when Elsa launched into the anthem “Let it Go,” belting out memorable lines such as  “I don’t care what they’re going to say,” and “It’s time to see what I can do to test the limits and break through.”

Elsa still understands that there’s a downside to her gifts … mainly that she still must use them wisely. Yet Elsa realizes that who she is isn’t bad or flawed or wrong.  In fact, she sees her awesomeness for the first time.  Elsa is done with denying who she is.  She’s done hiding it.  And, she’s done trying to be perfect.

Pretty powerful stuff from a young woman who was once afraid what others thought about her, don’t you think?  A pretty powerful message for us grownups from a child’s fairy tale, too!

My question for you:  which Elsa are you?  The one hiding behind walls or the one who says “This is who I am and I’m proud of it!”    Do you value your gifts or minimize their worth?    Do you worry about what others think or do you stand strong?

Are You Certain You Want to Pay the High Price that Comes When You Don’t Believe in Yourself?

Failing to believe in yourself will only perpetuate unhappiness in your life.   Being your true self might require some extra bravery on your part, but it’s the key to embracing all the beauty life has to offer you.

So, let go of the need to be perfect.   Let go of the habit of worrying about what others think of you.   Let go of the habit of hiding behind walls because you’re afraid to be seen.

No one can help you believe in yourself,  ‘cause honey, that’s an inside job.   Claim it and claim it now!

Believe in yourself with your whole heart and soul.  Simply put, you are truly amazing … it’s time you fully embraced that truth.

J. Marie Novak, Founder of BelieveAndCreate.com

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© Let It Go Copyright: Wonderland Music Company Inc., Walt Disney Music Company

when you believe in yourself you'll e unstoppable

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  1. I find the article very motivating and inspiring. We all need to take a real, deep, look at ourselves and realize we are a true gift. That we were placed on earth to fulfill our purpose in life. Loving,accepting ourselves flaws and all is the start to loving who we are. It’s ourselves we must embrace and love unconditionally. We get side tracked with life in the fast lane. I force myself to have one on one time….with me. I struggle with loving me. But I know I want more out of life other than existing. I want to accept and embrace all of me. With love…


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