Stop Getting on Thought Trains that Stress You Out

Stop Boarding Thought Trains that Only Lead to Negative Places

Are you making yourself sick with thoughts that stress you out?  Do you worry too much?  Do you ruminate in negative thoughts of things going wrong?  Maybe you’re even losing sleep over the seemingly unending stress and anxiety that comes from boarding thought trains that are taking you in the way direction.

Sometimes it may seem like your mind has a “mind” of its own over which you have no control.  Yet, that’s not the truth.

When a thought comes to mind, there is a presence within you that is not the thinker of that thought but rather the observer.    When you’re in “thinker” mode, you’re engaged in the dialogue going on.  Worriers tend to get drawn into an ever-descending dialogue of dread, doubt, and fear.  When you’re in “observer” mode, you can stand by in a neutral way.

Remember you have the choice to observe or engage

As an observer, when you see helpful thoughts pop into your mind, you can give the green light for your thinker mind to further engage.   When you observe something that is not helpful or even worse harmful, you can redirect your thinker mind to something better.   And, best of all, you’re in charge, so you can always decide to deliberately plant positive thoughts rather than waiting for them to just show up.

 The human mind is extraordinary and our imagination is endless.   Sometimes it seems like our thoughts take over, but we are always in charge.  We can use our imagination to create love and peace and happiness in our lives.  Yet, so many people  are still choosing to use their imaginations to create more suffering instead.   

Stop boarding thought trains that only lead to suffering.  There are many, many better choices available to you always!  ~ J. Marie Novak

Here’s a little metaphor that might make this idea clearer:   Imagine that you’re at a train station and all sorts of thought trains are coming and going.   You get to decide whether you want to hop on the current thought train that’s calling you aboard or wait for a better thought train to arrive.   Even better, you can choose to deliberately seek out and board a thought train that will move you exactly in the direction you want to go.

Some say the “observer” you is the real you … the deeper part within you that knows what’s truly best for you … the part of you that understands worry is not a helpful activity because it only leads to stress and suffering.    Recognize and befriend your observer …  it’ll point you away from suffering and towards a more peaceful, positive state of mind.


Use These  Affirmations to Help You Break Your Habit of Boarding “Negative Thought Trains” 

  • I choose to only board thought trains that serve my highest good.
  • Thoughts have energy and I choose to engage in thoughts that lift me up.
  • I allow unhelpful thoughts to dissipate into the nothingness from whence they came.


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