How to Stop Scaring Yourself with Thoughts of Doubt, Fear, and Doom

Who doesn’t like a good story?  They’re entertaining.  Thought provoking.  They can be funny or serious … happy or sad.   Stories that take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions are fun when we’re talking about a play or a movie.  It’s not so great to be scaring yourself on a day-to-day basis with thoughts filled with doubt and doom and gloom.

What are the stories you tell yourself about your life?  

How do those stories perpetuate your happiness?  

How do they perpetuate your anxiety … your stress … your unhappiness?

Here’s an example.  Say, you gave your heart to someone and you really thought it was going to work out but it ended badly …  do you tell yourself the “story” that loving others always leads to heartbreak?

Another example:  If you got rejected for a couple of jobs that you really, really  … I mean REALLY … wanted, what story do you tell yourself?

Do you say, “I thought those jobs seemed great and I thought they’d be perfect for me, but I guess they weren’t meant to be.  I believe I’m being redirected to something even better!”

Or, do you cling to this story:    “I can’t ever catch any breaks.  I’m never going to land a great job that I’ll love.”

There’s a big difference between those two stories, wouldn’t you agree?

Why are the stories you tell yourself about how life works so important?

Because those stories aren’t mere passing thoughts like most of the other 50,000+ thoughts you have each day … those stories have strong energy.   They create channels of beliefs in your mind, and once those channels are carved, you tend to fall back into them again and again and again.   When your stories are filled with doubts, fears, anxiety, negativity, and resentment, then your stories are blocking your ability to see how life can be so much better than what you’re expecting.

Stop Scaring Yourself with Your Thoughts

Your stories are the filter through which you experience your world.  Gloominess begets gloominess.  Doubt begets more doubt. Worry begets more worry.  Yet, it works the other way around, too.   Peace begets peace.  Positivity begets more positivity.  Joy bets more joy.

The longer you’ve been telling yourself negative, untrue or limiting stories, the deeper the channels in your mind.  The key to letting go of old stories that continue to bring worry and fear into your life is to create new, happier stories based on a more optimistic mindset.  Rivers create new channels all the time and so can you!

Just like in the example of the positive interpretation of the job rejection story,  choose to believe something better is ahead for you rather than you can’t catch a break.   Choose to believe that one or two examples (or more) of things going south of what you wanted does not mean things will never go your way.

The stories you tell yourself have power.  So for goodness sake, stop scaring yourself.  Instead, from now on start using  that power to add peace, goodness, and joy to your life!

Wishing you peace, joy and happiness on your journey,  ~ J. Marie Novak, Founder of

5 thoughts on “How to Stop Scaring Yourself with Thoughts of Doubt, Fear, and Doom”

  1. Wow…..i started calming down soon as I read a few lines here! I knew just what i was doing to myself! No one else….me!…scaring my own self! I have to remember that if I’m the only one scaring me, then I have the control to UNscare me!..BOY do I need practice…i learned a little about this when I dealt with panic attacks.

  2. Thanks. I needed to read this today. You know, as fabulous as many of the recent changes in my life are…I am at a cross roads. I’ve gone from being a pretty big deal in my previous world to getting rejection emails. Not easy. Our stories can start down the negative path if we aren’t careful. Thanks for the reminder to keep my story on the positive track. xo


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