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What Believe and Create REALLY Stands For: Our Core Values and Beliefs

People often ask me, what is Believe and Create?  What does it stand for?

22 values and beliefs that lead to a happier and more fulfilling lifeMy first reaction is that it stands for “believe in yourself and create a life you love.”  That’s the original idea that came into my head back in late September of 2011. 

I was sitting alone in my room at a Marriott Courtyard in Nashville, Tennessee when the idea came to me. I just finished a 3-day training with Dan Miller (author of 48 Days to the Work You Love) and I decided to spend one more night to process all the thoughts going through my head.

My mind was ablaze with ideas but nothing stood out; I was looking for my personal north star, and all I was seeing was a universe of too many choices, and none seemed to be a perfect fit.  

I was unhappy in my life … my soul was yearning for something completely different from the life I was leading.  I was lost so I sought divine wisdom; I knew that I would not be able to come up with the answers on my own.

The message I received was:  “Believe in yourself and go create the life you want to live.”  

The message was for me, and yet it was so much bigger than being just for me. I knew I was being called to live at a higher level; I also knew I was being called to help others live at a higher level, too. I can’t really explain why I knew this was true, as this message was not born from any logic I understood. I just felt deep down in my soul that this was true.

I didn’t act on the message immediately. Maybe I was in shock or denial; I went back to my life and went back to being miserable, because (sadly) I’d become comfortable in my misery. Yet, the words “believe and create” kept coming into my mind; I simply couldn’t shake them. Truth is, I didn’t want to.

It took me more than a year to get up the nerve to start pursuing the idea as I understood it (which was … do it and preach it!) and when I did, I took baby steps.  I launched the Believe and Create Facebook page in 2012 to form a community of like-minded people (to date, more than 170,000 people have liked the page and thousands have shared B&C’s messages).  In 2013 the website was born. The rest is history.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

I now know that while the words “Believe and Create” literally stand for “believe in yourself and create a life you love,” the concept is so much bigger and deeper and richer than that.  Believe and Create stands for a way of choosing to live; it’s about living the full width and breadth of your life.

Below is the Manifesto I wrote for Believe and Create that more fully expresses all this endeavor stands for. My hope is that it will inspire you … make you think … challenge you to raise the vibration of your life wherever it is low … and make you recommit to living a life you truly love.  

And, if you find wisdom in the message, I hope you’ll take a moment to comment (below the post) and share this page with people you love and care about.  

j marie novak founder of believe and create believe in yourself

The Believe and Create Manifesto

22 Values and Beliefs that Lead to a Happier, More Fulfilling Life!