The Lesson of the Telescope and the Microscope

How are you looking at your life?   Are you making the big stuff a priority in your life?   Or does the small stuff get all your time and attention?

Through the lens of the telescope, we easily see large things that are far off in the distance.   They’re actually huge, but through the telescope they appear small to us.

How are you seeing your life?

The Lesson of the Telescope and the Microscope

Through the microscope, we can look at tiny, tiny things and through the power of the microscope’s lens they appear large to us.

Both the telescope and the microscope have their use.  To recap, one makes big stuff appear small and the other makes small stuff appear big.

As you choose the lenses you use to see your world, make sure you’re not making the big stuff (i.e., the really important things and people in your life) small.   Likewise, don’t make the small stuff bigger than it deserves to be.

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